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6321RE: [AZ] Pine Mulch

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  • Joe Schild
    Oct 1, 2006
      I agree with Bill Miller, as long as the woody fibre is composted down and you are not going to use this mulch near your house in foundation beds. There is a termite issue with whole woody fibre, but not with the pure bark.
      In our area, we have access to free wood chips and from the city composting and chipping yards. Unless I have the time to compost the materials down, I use it only in my paths, since grass will not grow there under the shade of my big trees.
      For mulch, I prefer the bark only materials or pine needles (Pine Straw). Several locations here offer the baled needles at $3.40/bale and acording to my calculations, it takes six bales to cover the same area as one yard of shredded pine bark, and the stuff runs about $35/yard vs. $20.40 for pine needles.
      In beds preparation, I till in compost, composted wood chips, and pine bark fines. The fines I buy in bulk at 10 to 15 yards at a time with a charge of $50 for delivery and at $24/yard + taxes.
      Joe Schild-Hixson, TN USDA Zone 7a
      Ask a friend to join the Azalea Society of America!
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      From: envldr
      Sent: 10/1/2006 11:30:17 AM
      Subject: [AZ] Pine Mulch

      I know that pine bark is a good mulch for azaleas. I can get whole
      tree pine mulch (includes the wood) for a great price. Are there any
      issues with using this?

      Aviv Goldsmith, z7a
      Aikido in Fredericksburg, VA

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