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4535Re: Air Layering (an information source)

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  • jim minor
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Mike, Joe,  et al: Having done my refresher course as to why I use the systems outlined earlier in my post re air layering, I found its basis in the American Camellia Yearbook for 2001 and 2004 which reports the results of Dr. Cheng Lee's (and others) experiments in layering of camellias, banana plants, and azaleas although the camellia is given priority for reporting purposes, for obvious reasons, in these studies. His experiments involved the use of aluminum foil/plastic wrap, Pepsi cans, yogurt containers, film canisters, and then the use of 4 inch plant pots is described as "Dr. Lee's Ultimate Air Layering Method".  Results with and without hormone with equal to satisfactory results were reported; all seasons layering was reported with satisfactory results. Sphagnum, peat and good potting medium are reference as being acceptable in these methods.  Four to six months are Dr. Lee's reported "time on the stem" before removing to growing pots or planting in-ground. I  further modified the concept to use one gal pots and the elimination of the aluminum foil for aesthetic reasons only and replaced it with paper based in a grafting technique I have used (its only function is to prevent sunlight from getting to the new roots).  However, I am using the pot system altogether now and use a mixture of professional potting mix and peat.  If you want them to be less obvious, use the green ones.  I do use #3 rooting hormone as some camellias are very hard to root using any system and the brand makes no difference that I can determine. If you want a copy of the 2001 and 2004 issues of the camellia year books, let me know off line and I will see if they are available and the cost of each. 
      Jim Minor
      Zone 7A with frost @ 31.3 degrees F and a nice sunrise