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4227Re: [AZ] Appreciate the two complements

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  • Mike Creel
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Folks, I am starting to blush (from the two
      complements) down here in the south of intermittent
      winters. I have been working to set up a cobbled
      together "new" computer system since after supper
      Saturday night and continue to work on it, with
      registering various parts of the system, downloading
      Open Office and setting it up, and moving e-mail
      messages and addresses from my older computer. After
      that I will be hooking a multi-purpose Brother
      printer, scanner, copier, fax, etc.

      But, while there is light and sufficient warmth, my
      gardening continues. The weather was 30F this morning
      and us up to 61F in the shade of my kitchen porch by
      mid-day. Saturday, my wife took photos of me doing
      stuff like drilling pots, taking cuttings, sticking
      cuttings and collecting humus for use with an article
      I just wrote for South Carolina Wildlife magazine.

      I did get to drill a few pots for real though Saturday
      and stick cuttings of Nova Branco azalea and Rh.
      albiflorum. I have drilled pots and large.....
      humidity domes ready for sticking cuttings of a unique
      Magnolia grandiflora X virginiana tree I found at the
      family farm, my brother's favorite pear tree and a
      rare oak Quercus bicolor. I have more dormant
      cuttings to stick and a passle of different seeds,
      mostly azalea, to plant. Oh yes, there are two kiwi
      seedling to plant and seeds from a Tennessee
      Silverbell tree (Halesia).

      At the end of February, when I retire, I plan to get
      more serious about gardening. I will wear my two sets
      of gallus overalls thin, and hopefully me, thinner. I
      can't button the top side button on either pair at the
      moment. That means I have to wear a shirt.

      Winter here in the SC midlands is on and off, perfect
      for gardening.

      Bye for now.
      Mike Creel, Lexington, SC

      --- Sally/John Perkins <sjperk5@...> wrote:

      > Tadeusz
      > What encourages and discourages active participation
      > is an interesting question?
      > I find both the Rhodo and Azalea forums to be very
      > informative but agree in part that they indeed have
      > a different feel about them although I would have a
      > difficult time saying what the differences are and
      > have no real clues as to why.
      > I personally interact the same way on both forums
      > despite knowing next to nothing about evergreen
      > azaleas and have only limited knowledge of deciduous
      > azaleas when compared to most in the azalea forum.
      > Again on the rhodo forum most know more about
      > producing and growing rhododendrons that I do.
      > I assume I know more than most about growing
      > rhododendrons and azaleas on the shores of Canobie
      > Lake in Salem, NH and much less about growing them
      > anywhere else and try to response accordingly.
      > I tend to like reading both facts and opinions and
      > enjoy responding to both.
      > I agree Mike Creel is an valuable asset.
      > John Perkins
      > Salem, NH
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Tadeusz Dauksza
      > To: azaleas@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, January 01, 2006 10:17 AM
      > Subject: Re: [AZ] Easy ways to post Photos
      > everyone can see--another option
      > Jim;
      > I have participated/contributed for the last 5
      > years in Garden web forums, and originally the
      > forums/participants were great in MHO , but when
      > they started to be split-up into individual states ,
      > the participation started to decline, as the same
      > questions, comments were evident on multiple forums,
      > although being a membership chair of the ARS chapter
      > and the ASA i was able to recruit some new members
      > to both societies. I have noticed the same
      > condition almost occurring with the Rhodo group on
      > Yahoo, lack of participation of most members there
      > who have signed-up . The acid loving group is
      > totally dead, that's why I think the Azalea group is
      > the best for now, as we welcome all, and besides,
      > where do you find a Mike Creel to keep us going.
      > later Tadeusz-- temps going to 40 F today.

      Yahoo! DSL – Something to write home about.
      Just $16.99/mo. or less.
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