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4225Re: [AZ] Easy ways to post Photos everyone can see--another option

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  • Tadeusz Dauksza
    Jan 1 7:17 AM
       I have participated/contributed  for the last 5 years in Garden web forums, and originally the forums/participants  were  great in MHO , but when they started to be split-up into individual states , the participation started to decline, as the same questions, comments were evident on multiple forums, although being a membership chair of the ARS chapter and the ASA i was able to recruit some new members to both societies.  I have noticed the same condition almost occurring with the Rhodo group on Yahoo, lack of participation of most members there who have signed-up . The acid loving group  is totally dead, that's why I think the Azalea group is the best for now, as we welcome all, and besides,  where do you find a  Mike Creel to keep us going. 
      later Tadeusz--  temps going to 40 F today. 

      Jim Willhite <jwillhite@...> wrote:
      I agree with Steve Henning, there are a number of painless ways to share
      photos with the group--and sharing photos is a practice which I strongly
      encourage!  (Steve, your photo of Apricot Flush has me drooling on the
      keyboard).  I really like photobucket, but there are others that Steve has
      identified which are very easy and free.

      And there is still another option.  The Garden Web's Azaleas and
      Rhododendrons forum (http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/azalea/?31518) is
      terribly underutilized.  Looks like Steve and I are the last to have posted
      there.  The photo gallery of that forum (click Switch to Gallery link at the
      top of the forum page) is all but dead, and that is a shame, because it is a
      great vehicle for sharing photos with each other, and with rhodie and azalea
      newcomers.  Although Garden Web runs annoying ads, nevertheless, it *is*
      free and there are thriving GW forums and photo galleries devoted to other
      plant groups--half a dozen, in fact, for roses alone.  What is most striking
      about some of those other forums is how many newcomers and beginners drop by
      to learn a little and then start participating.

      I like the web-based forum approach to communications about our favorite
      plants--in fact, I can't think of a better way to attract newbies and
      outsiders to rhodies and azaleas.  Now, its not as private or exclusive as
      the closed, email system that we are using thru Yahoo right now, but who
      needs closed and private.  Heck, we're talking about gardening.

      I am going to post a few rhodie and azalea pix over at the GardenWeb
      Rhodie/Azalea site in a few minutes, just to try to get the old ball
      rolling.  Please join in.

      Best in gardening to all of you in 2006!

      Jim Willhite
      West Chester, Pa

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