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2937RE: [AZ] Seeking Small mortar & pestle for crushing anthers

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  • Mike Creel
    Jun 1, 2005
      I think I found one for around $6 in one of those
      catalogs that comes to your house unsolicited. FYI,
      the drying of freshly collected pollen is essential to
      preserving its viability. Once dry the pollen from
      azaleas and rhododendrons can be stored in the fridge
      or freezer for extended periods, even at room
      temperature for a good while. If pollen stays moist
      it will spoil and lose viability. I simply pick fresh
      stamens that have pollen visible in the two little
      pollen holes at the end. I have over the past few
      years asked several experts how they collect, store
      and use pollen, but I am a novice and most often just
      use fresh pollen that is dripping from the anthers,
      encouraged by a finger thump. One recommendation was
      to grind up anthers in a small crucible (mortar bowl).
      A popular Japanese method for pollen collection and
      storage involves catching the pollen on textured
      paper. There is a lot more to this than I am going
      Mike Creel, Zone 8A, SC

      --- iffy123 <iffy123@...> wrote:

      > No, but you could probably make one using a "soft
      > boiled egg" cup and a
      > dowel. You have been a very resourceful fellow with
      > your pots, my
      > question would be--How or why they dry anthers would
      > contain pollen
      > since I thought it blew or fell off after a period
      > of time, or else
      > became so dry it would lose its ability to
      > pollinate.
      > The smallest mortar an pestle that I have seen is in
      > a kitchen gadget
      > store or an old fashioned pharmacy. You might try
      > either source.
      > Barbara
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      > crushing anthers
      > I am about to try something new to me in pollen
      > collection and preservation. It involves crushing
      > dry
      > anthers with a small mortar and pestle. Has anyone
      > run across a miniature mortar and pestle.
      > Mike Creel
      > Zone 8A, SC
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