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19830Sibling of Chauncy Beadle, or same, Cumberlandense X Arborescens

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  • Mike Creel
    Jun 19, 2014
    There was a message string recently with a  Beadle descendent asking about the azalea named for his forefather.

    This little azalea was quite a surprise because I had acquired it as a clone of R. vaseyi White Find, but each season I love it more.  It is definitely a hybrid of cumberlandense and arborescens, possibly arborescens variety Richardsonii due to the low, squat habit of this plant.  I have thought that it was a copy of Chauncy Beadle from Biltmore Gardens, but the colors expressed here in the hot South Carolina midlands are different, varying from some yellow blooms with darker yellow blotch to a combinatin of salmon/peach with yellow and a pronounced deeper yellow blotch.

    I really like the leaves too,  shiny, but broad, combining both possible parents cumberlandnse and arborescens.  I figure that this color variableness might not appeal to a lot of people, but it does me.

    Does anyone in the south grow Chauncey Beadle for bloom comparison.
    Mike Creel, SC USDA Zone 8a
    Lexington, South Carolina