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19582Re: [AZ] Re: ‘Nanobionics’ aim s to give p lants super p owers

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  • sjperk5
    Apr 3, 2014
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      Certainly everegreen azaleas, lepidotes, and elepidotes including many deciduous azaleas could each be made separate genus. However there are some Rhododendron species that fall outside these 3 groups. 

      No one is going to regroup plants until whole genome sequencing is done on all plants.

      At that point, people will come to realize that plant species do not form trees but instead form graphs or nets.

      Add to this that plant speciation is heavy influenced by polyploidy events that combine species and rearrange chromosomes counts, chromosome step numbers, and chromosome length.

      Moreover chromosome lose is most likely common as species stabilize.

      John Perkins
      Salem, NH

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