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19572Re: Can I save my Azaleas from an Aluminum Sulfate application?

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  • hevestenning
    Mar 31, 2014
      Never use aluminum sulphate on rhododendrons and azaleas.  The aluminum builds up in the soil and kills them.  It is OK for hydrangeas since they need both aluminum and acidity, but can be lethal to many other varieties.  

      The good news is that powdered sulfur or flowers of sulfur is safe, effective and long lasting. However, an even better solution is to use a raised bed and use a good garden acidic soil mix.  It is available at better garden centers.

      Also, it is best to use rain water to irrigate if it you have to since your tap water may be alkaline.  Check the tap water's pH before using.

      For more information check my website: http://rhodyman.net/rhodynho.php#anchor1076311

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