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19565RE: [AZ] this is from the ASK US page, so please send me a CC

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  • Harold Greer
    Mar 23, 2014
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      That is just so often a mistake.  In a local store in Eugene, Oregon I just saw a product that is supposed to be good for making hydrangeas blue which is true, but also in big letters it said “Also use on Rhododendrons and Azaleas to make the soil more acid”.  WRONG!


      Harold Greer


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      Do not use Aluminate Sulphate anywhere on your property.  The aluminum can bind up just about any ion except for nitrates or chlorides.  Please tell your nurseryman to study a little chemistry before deciding what to sell people.


      You can spread pine needles, shredded oak leaves, peat, and even a little ammonium sulphate.  Elemental Sulfur will give you some long term ph control.


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      Dear Sir/ Madam,


      I live in Dallas TX and have planted many azaleas over the last couple of years.  I have had the soil double dug using a soil designed for planting azaleas.  We had a late freeze and the leaves are turning brown and falling off.  After measuring the PH in my soil, which measured 7 I was told by a local nursery to use  Aluminum Sulfate to lower my PH levels.  My azaleas look worse than ever after applying the aluminum sulfate. I am just learning that Aluminum Sulfate poisons Azaleas.  Is there anything I can do to reverse Aluminum Sulfate damage?


      I anxiously await your response.








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