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19541Garden Pond makeover - 7 years later

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  • Mike Creel
    Mar 12 1:03 PM
    Yes, there are some azaleas in this message, but the main message is how we converted a dry barren area into a rubber lined 12 inch deep bog.

    Attached are two photos of the garden pond behind our house, one taken in 2007 when the pond was overcrowded with my floating pots, mostly pitcher plants, but also one azalea, and a dry sandy area behind the pond where we tried to grow daylilies, but failed.
    The second photo taken in 2012 shows the renovated pond with an attached rubber lined bog behind it.  Most of the pitcher plants were moved to the 12-inch deep bog, but the little azalea and a parrot pitcher plant were left in the floating pots.  I also have many container bogs growing pitcher plants, native hymeneal's, butterworts and one azalea, a Chinzan, in the large concrete bog.
    So garden ponds, bogs and azaleas do mix.  I have a new crop of azalea cuttings in floating pots as I write this and am preparing to trim my pink Betty Cummins swamp azalea (R. viscosum) and stick those cuttings into a floating pot.
    Mike Creel, SC USDA Zone 8a
    Lexington, South Carolina