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19059Dying azaleas in NTX

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  • shawn pete
    Jun 28, 2013
    I planted some encore azaleas early this spring. I did my research prepare the soil correctly and mixed pinebark andPete Moss to prepare the soil and plant them. They were groing and doing hreat than About 3 weeks ago I noticed one of them getting brown spots on The leaves and they started to wilt. I tried to baby it but it died/wilted. Then I noticed it happening to another one. They basically get brown spots start to Wilt and then die all with in about three weeks. I'm also using a Calloways azaleas food that you mix with water every ten days. Can you please tell me what might be going on before I lose all of them. I have attached pix to show you some that have died and others starting to die.
    Shawn Peterson
    Allen Tx

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