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  • william steinkampf
    Oct 25, 2012
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      On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 8:18 AM, Maarten van der Giessen <maarten@...> wrote:

      I tried R. scabrum in the 90’s and lost it consistently to bark splitting.  Not to say you can’t do it now.  The world has changed.  Try Jenkins Farm and Nursery in Amite, LA.  If anyone around here has that it would be Margie Jenkins.  Another source would be Transcend Nursery in Amite. 


      Maarten van der Giessen

      Mobile, Alabama


      Many thanks.  Contacted Jenkins and Lee; awaiting responses.  Jenkins also suggested I call Dodd and Dodd; awaiting response there from also..


      If I might ask, what kind of site did you have the scabrum in.  I had 'em under a small live oak in the highest part of Pinellas County, Fl...north Clearwater.  They seemed to be doing moderately well when I left 'em...3-4 yrs after planting.  They were a bit leggy but did bloom.  Soil was nothing but sand.  New Orleans potential site is Miss. R. alluvium...silty-to-fine-sandy loam.
      bill steinkampf
      New Orleans, La

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