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18361RE: [AZ] What kind of azelea and what kind of light?

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  • Tom Schuetz
    Oct 2, 2012
      I will make an attempt at providing an answer to your question.
      First, the pictures are of deciduous azaleas. Secondly, they are experiencing a change in conditions, which in itself, can lead to stress. You did not say what the evidence of stress is.
      I see that they are mulched, which is good because if the shade has been removed, they are experiencing heat stress they did not experience before. With heat stress they loose moisture at a faster rate.
      I am no expert but they appear to be from the Knap Hill hybrid group rather than American natives (which were some of the parents of the Knap Hills). The natives are comfortable in full sun but at higher elevations.
      I would not suggest moving them.
      Keep them mulched and moderately watered and I believe they will adopt to the changed conditions.
      Tom Schuetz
      USDA Zone 7A (as of 2012)

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      [this is from the ASK US page, so please send me a CC]

      Dear Azalea Society:

      I've included some photos of two of the three azalea plants I inherited when I bought my house although I'm not sure you'll see them through Yahoo Groups. I'm in MInnesota, in Zone 4. I'm assuming they are deciduous, although I'd welcome someone confirming such. 

      They're beautiful, but I noticed they were stressed this summer, partly due to the drought and heat. However, a large oak tree in my neighbor's yard, that used to provide partial shade throughout the day to these plants, died this year. I'm wondering if the sunlight is also a contributing factor to the dried leaves. Do I need to move them to a shady location? I saw that SOME azalea's like sun, but the message also said that some like shade. Not knowing what kind of azalea's these are or which ones prefer shade, I'm at a loss. 

      I'm hoping someone can help me out. 

      Thank you. 


      IMG_8941 Azalea in back 2012


      IMG_8942 Azalea in back 2012


      IMG_8945 Azalea in back 2012


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