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18250Re: [AZ] Well, I'm Baaaacccckkk!

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  • Joe Schild
    Sep 1, 2012
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      It is good to hear the status of the azaleas you took with you. I am so happy about the survival rate. The news is not near as good here. As you know, the longest drought, a burned out well pump, and fore most, my inability to get enough water to my garden specimens due to breathing difficulties, there are only five remaining azalea plants in my garden/landscape. Everything has died, wildflowers, fern, azaleas, rhodos, Mtn. Laurel, and, well, it's all gone. I was able to give a number of my plants to fellow gardeners and friends. The 8' R. sanctum is in Hale Booth's garden along with a number of other choice azaleas. All of the Glenn Dales being raised for Reflection Riding were distributed to fellow TVC-ARS chapter members and are thriving in their care.
      It is difficult for me to look out the windows to see such barren beds when before there was great beauty. Well, I must get off line for a while.
      Joe Schild
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      Thanks for the lead in. Joe's azaleas are doing great with the almost 30 inches of rain we have had in the last three months.  
      Your azaleas were a featured hit at the Asheville Convention. Lisa Beasley (with a little help from Jeff), rooted all that we were able to supply.
      You may remember that Joe's health was not all that good in 2008 and he asked that his plants be taken, propagated and distributed. Aaron Cook and I went to Joe's Nursery and picked up his plants and brought them to my place. Several years of horrible weather took its toll but none of the named plants were lost. Several of the unnamed plants have turned out to be worthy of consideration and now, that we are past the 2012 Convention, I will concentrate on propagating those for future Conventions.
      John Brown

      From: Mike Creel <mikeacreel@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 6:37 PM
      Subject: Re: [AZ] Well, I'm Baaaacccckkk!

      Joe, it is wonderful to have you back.  Did most of your great azaleas and rhodies survive the hiatus?  Anything new in your plants?
      Mike Creel, SC USDA Zone 8a
      Lexington, South Carolina
      From: Joe Schild <rhodojoe@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 10:16 AM
      Subject: [AZ] Well, I'm Baaaacccckkk!

      It has been a long time since I last posted to this list, so here goes. Due to some things happening in my life I lost interest in gardening and azaleas. I forgot about how much I loved the chatter and serious talk between friends in the group and how I valued their opinions.
      Let me have it, but not to hard.
      Best regards,
      Joe Schild, the old azalea chaser.

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