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18107Re: Update on Atlanticum X Pryored seedlings, in ground since April 2011

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  • sjperk5
    Jul 1, 2012
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      How do you know the evergreen azaleas you have are tetraploids?


      --- In azaleas@yahoogroups.com, Mark <prometheus4096@...> wrote:
      > Following this deciduous x evergreen azalea stuff is always very interesting to me. Yellow would be nice. But I as an evergreen person am often impressed by the flowers of some deciduous azalea flowers. They are very flashy and buff and brightly coloured. Also very fleshy looking flowers. Also they have different flowe colour patterns than evergreens.
      > As a satsuki person I am really more interested in flashy interesting flowers on individual plants than on azalea that excel as landscape plants.
      > But still I really prefer the evergreeness.
      > I have some white satsuki that have tetraploid so I really want to try that with some deciduous ones. Is a tetraploid x tetraploid needed? I will probably be buying one to hybridize with. I really like the idea of adding many new different genes and innovating.
      > But I always got the idea it was too problematic to be worthwhile to try an evergreen x deciduous cross.
      > Mark Nijland
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