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17186Re: [AZ] Need Azalea Plants (small) for table centerpieces for Dayton District Meeting on May 2, 2012

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  • George Klump
    Oct 1, 2011
      1 October 2011

      Greetings, Athena,

      Thanks for writing in to the ASA. 

      You have several requirements here and it appears to me that your best bet would be to go to a local florist [they can all do this, so take your pick] and tell them what you want.  The only azalea which can be reliably forced to bloom is the Belgian Indica.  There are some in the Satsuki group which would fill the bill for you, but florists there may not have those.

      Looking first at the Belgian Indica azaleas, there is William van Orange, Mardi Gras [a sport of William van Orange], Chimes, Albert-Elizabeth and Cajun Queen [a sport of Mardi Gras].  I'm sure there would be others available to a good florist, but those are just some suggestions in that group.

      In the Satsuki line there is Gumpo which is white, Gunbei [a sport of Gumpo with a rose pink throat], Pink Gumpo [also a sport of Gumpo] and Kokan which is a small, almost dwarf azalea with salmon-colored flowers.  Those are small plants which won't swamp your table decorations.  The Satsuki's tend to bloom later than other azaleas and the name literally means "May".  They also tend to have multiple colors on the same bush, some of them combinations, some white, some solid colors.  Those are a bit more difficult to come by, but, if your local florist have no access to any and you wish to use some, I can give you a nursery to contact which has possibly the largest inventory of Satsuki azaleas in the USA.

      George E. Klump
      Southern California Chapter, ARS/ASA

      On 9/30/2011 7:36 AM, Athena and Victor Thaler wrote:

      Dear Chairman,
      I am in need of approximately 10 Azalea plants for centerpieces (small) for the Dayton District meeting of the Garden Club of Ohio for May 2, 2012.  Could you help me with this?  Whom should I contact?  The theme of the meeting will be May Day and I want to purchase the Azalea Plants for the centerpieces and then put a decoration in the center of a May Day Pole.  Is there a store locally that I can contact?  I am in the Dayton, Ohio area.  My phone number is  937 433 0104.  Do you know of a local florist who would have a supply of Azalea plants (small) in bloom for that time of year?
      Any help you can give me, I would appreciate it very much.  Also, if someone from the local florist can give a short presentation on the Azalea plant, that is what I want.  We will be glad to pay a fee for the presentation.
      Athena Thaler
      Dayton District Director, Garden Club of Ohio

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