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16974Re: [AZ] [this is from the ASK US page, so please send me a CC] - hardwood mulch put on azaleas by mistake

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  • bsperling
    Jul 1 10:10 AM
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      As the original question was about hardwood mulch, I have to repeat
      what Don Voss told me: hardwood mulch is much more resistant to water
      penetration than pine bark is, due to the formation of a fungus on it
      (different than root rot fungus). I don't see a reason NOT to use pine
      bark (or other more locally abundant non-hardwood mulches).

      Nicholas Yarmoshuk wrote:
      > Our experience with a recent demonstration garden planting has been that
      > inexperienced, over-zealous mulchers have actually piled on mulch that
      > resulted in phythopthera root rot. The plants really looked sickly
      > after a while.. . . . . . .
      > 3 inches is a lot of mulch . . . . depending on the moisture conditions
      > around the plant it may be much too much mulch . . . . . especially
      > if the mulch is closer than 6 inches from the base of the plant. Do
      > scrape the much away from the stem to a diameter of about 6-8 inches.
      > Nick Yarmoshuk
      > St. Catharines ON Canada.
      > http://www.rhodoniagara.org
      > On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 5:01 PM, David Nanney <dnanney@...
      > <mailto:dnanney@...>> wrote:
      > __
      > Natalie, we use hardwood mulch all the time without a problem in
      > Springfield, Va. As long as the mulch is not piled up on the base
      > of the plant (a problem with any mulch), it should be fine.
      > Dave Nanney
      > Springfield, Va
      > But cool for two weeks in Seattle with our granddaughter
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      > On Jun 30, 2011, at 11:54 AM, natalie gluck <nsgluck@...
      > <mailto:nsgluck@...>> wrote:
      >> Hello, azalea lovers,
      >> A lawn service put 3" deep of hardwood mulch under my large,
      >> mature azaleas in northern Virginia, near Washington DC (zone 6B).
      >> The azaleas are each about 6-8 feet wide, and 4-6 feet tall. There
      >> are 2 rows of azaleas, each about 60 feet long, so it would be
      >> very difficult for me to remove the mulch and re-do it all with
      >> pine mulch. (I didn't know they were using hardwood.)
      >> Will this one-time application hurt my plants? (I will make sure
      >> pine is used in the future.) What, if any, corrective gardening
      >> action should I take? Should I wait and see if my plants look
      >> yellow or sick, or will that be too late?
      >> Thanks,
      >> Natalie
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