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16447Re: [AZ] FFF in NoVA

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  • bsperling
    Apr 14, 2011
      Yes, Dave, but Coral Bells opened today, 6.5 days later than the average
      of the previous 14 years. So, down here we're still running late
      (actually, that's a characteristic of my life. Hmmmmmm......).
      Barry, 10 mi S of DC

      David Nanney wrote:
      > Let it never be said that I am not competitive. Barry has his one FFF and
      > my Dayspring also showed its FFF yesterday. Also Dr. James Hitchner, Indian
      > Summer, and Quest welcomed spring yesterday. Today, Amy Bittinger joined
      > the celebration. I didn't remember it and really like the deep red blotch.
      > While Barry has years of data to back up his "predictions", for many years I
      > have simply estimated 100 days into the year as my target FFF. That let me
      > get through the longest month of the year (February) by simply adding the
      > days and subtracting from 100. I could manage two digits remaining better
      > than thinking about all the cold weeks and months to go. This year, it was
      > exactly 100 days into 2011 for the first hybrids to bloom.
      > Hope to see everyone in Evansville, Ind. In a couple of weeks for the ASA
      > convention. Should be fun.
      > Dave Nanney
      > Springfield, Va.
      > 86 wonderful degrees and SUNNY!!!!
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      > Hi All!
      > Tom Boswell wrote a book called "Why Time Begins On Opening Day" and
      > that is an appropriate phrase. The bulbs and ephemerals of early spring
      > were a prelude, but spring starts today with the first "opening day":
      > The first full flower (FFF) on Dayspring opened today. This is the
      > 11th year I've had that variety and it is 5.5 days later than the
      > average of the previous 10 FFFs. The winter was cold and dry, the
      > spring was average with adequate moisture.
      > I'm not expecting another FFF from other plants today or tomorrow
      > but
      > most plants are well budded and, if the deer stay away and we don't have
      > days of cold rains in late April and early May the displays should be good.
      > Barry, 10 mi S of DC
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