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15830Re: [AZ] Item about Ilam Azaleas

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  • Bob Stelloh
    Feb 1, 2011
      In context, it seems to me that "Dam" is a typo for "Ilam" that
      slipped by a sloppy/sleepy proofreader. And Ilams (Dams?) have been
      around for a long time -- I think one of the first deciduous azaleas
      I killed, probably in the early '70s, was a gorgeous red Ilam.

      Bob Stelloh Hendersonville NC USDA Zone 7

      On Feb 1, 2011, at 1:12 PM, William C. Miller III wrote:

      > Tom,
      > As far as I know, which is not very far, the Ilam hybrids are a
      > product of New Zealand. I really don't know that much about them
      > --- not even enough to concur with that posting. Like most people,
      > my info comes from Galle. I read the piece a second time to see if
      > I missed the reference to a hybrid group named Dam. I agree that
      > the article raises more questions than it answers.
      > Bill
      > Tom Schuetz wrote:
      >> Bill, yes the site article seems to be about Ilam azaleas, but
      >> seems confused and I do not know how much to take seriously.
      >> Among other things the article says: "A recital of the virtues of
      >> these stunning shrubs must include two more features: all are
      >> deliciously fragrant in blossom, an inheritance from the native
      >> swamp azalea; and most of them are self sterile so that faded
      >> blossoms need not be picked from the plants to prevent the
      >> formation of seeds which normally inhibit bloom for the next
      >> season. All who grow Ghent azaleas are aware that they bloom
      >> really well only every second year, unless the dead blossoms are
      >> plucked from the plants. When the Ilam azaleas become commercially
      >> available this laborious task will be at an end. Self sterility
      >> was bred into the plants at the same time that size, wide color
      >> range, fragrance, heavy texture and the intriguing blossom form
      >> were blended into one master strain."
      >> true or not?
      >> also "This description of the Dam azaleas is a preview of a rare
      >> and important event in horticulture. The best plants have not yet
      >> been named or propagated as clones for commercial distribution in
      >> America. That will be the next step after the several hundred
      >> plants now in this country have been tested and evaluated. But
      >> remember the name, because the Dam azaleas are destined to be
      >> horticultural sensations when they are placed on the market."
      >> never heard of the Dam azaleas. Is this a spoof or what?
      >> Also whatever happened to the Ilams. Have not heard much in a long
      >> time.
      >> Tom Schuetz
      >> schuetz101@...
      >> Mechanicsburg, PA USDA Zone 6a
      >> ----- Original Message -----
      >> From: William C. Miller III
      >> To: ASA Mail List
      >> Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 7:28 AM
      >> Subject: [AZ] Item about Ilam Azaleas
      >> The name of the link below is misleading. It's an item about Ilam
      >> azaleas.
      >> http://www.beerpromotiongirls.com/news/?p=780
      >> --
      >> William C. Miller III
      >> Bethesda, Maryland
      >> www.theazaleaworks.com
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