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15537Re: [AZ] Azalea 'Martha'

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  • Tadeusz Dauksza
    Dec 2, 2010
        not the same plant at all-- its a old kaempferi which possibly came from Europe to America possibly in 1920's ---   The dutch name could have been Marta ,  and Ben Morrison most likely used it as pollen parent on 3 Glenn Dale hybrids called Bopeep, Caress, and Dayspring.  These kaempferi hybrids are sometimes called malvatica hybrids in England and Holland.
      P.M .Koster of Boskoop gave some selections the names of Operas, and thier characters, 
       he also before leaving Holland in 1921 to establish his nursery in New Jersey sold some plants to C.B. VAN  NES,   further selectiuons by Van Nes were given girl's names .


       The only reference I was able to find is of a hybrid callled 'Martha'  listed on page 66 of the  "The AZALEA HANBOOK 1952"  produced by the American Horticultural Society .. 


       thus Bill Miller my friend in the Azalea Society has a valid question


        was 'Marta'   in dutch  written as 'Martha'   in the Azalea Handbook and this is the plant that Morrison used ??


       Hendrik -- if you have resources in Europe , please help in tracing this name---      our friend Herman at the Hirsutum web site will also appreciate it since he has those GLENN Dale hybrids listed with pollen parents.


       thanks Tadeusz -illinois,  cold with possible more snow tomorrow..

      From: Hendrik VAN OOST <hendrik1azalea2@...>
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      There is also a Martha Hitchcock you can find a description :http://www.rhododendron.org/alphalist3.asp?Name=martha

      From: Tadeusz <iltkyao@...>
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      Sent: Wed, December 1, 2010 5:03:54 PM
      Subject: [AZ] Azalea 'Martha'


      Hello Azalea friends;

      Does anyone have information on a evergreen cultivar named "Martha" .

      thanks Tadeusz- snowy Illinois- Lake Michigan ASA.

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