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15526Re: [AZ] Azalea 'Martha'

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  • William C. Miller III
    Dec 1, 2010
      Hi Tad,

      The only 'Martha' in the IRRC is  an evergreen azalea introduced by M. Koster & Sons.  Flowers rose.  Low, spreading shrub. Late.  Kaempferi.

      A late Kaempferi?  Hmmmm.

      I wonder if 'Martha'  is the 'Marta' that Morrison used?  Tijs, if you're lurking out there ----   Would 'Marta' translate to 'Martha' coming across the ocean?


      Tadeusz wrote:

      Hello Azalea friends;

      Does anyone have information on a evergreen cultivar named "Martha" .

      thanks Tadeusz- snowy Illinois- Lake Michigan ASA.

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