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  • casla1965
    Oct 1, 2010
      Thank you so much for your help. First of all, i forgot to translate "turba" but as tom has quoted, it´s peat.

      The more strange is that there are three plants in the same site, receive the same light, irrigation and fertilizer and one of them flowers normally. The fertilizer use is regular Miracle Gro and besides I have applied Bokashi, an organic with beneficial microorganisms. product.

      Ron, effectively the plants are illumined overnight, for safety issues,garden should be illuminated. But not all azaleas and rhododendros I have show this problem.
      Actually, I'm in Mar del Plata, Argentina, USDA 9a. Summers are increasingly more warm but the nights are colder.
      I have seen recently in nurseries plants that shows the same phenomenon and they are perfectly healthy, deep green leaves with both, flowers and what I have showed. Would be the light?

      Once again, thank you so much and please forgive my poor english.
      Regardas, Carlos

      --- In azaleas@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Schuetz" <schuetz101@...> wrote:
      > Carlos, I understand la turba to be what we know in the United States as peat. Peat and pine needles sounds like a well drained but not very nutrient rich medium.
      > Your e-mail address indicates you are in Argentina, and if so, it is spring there. How hot and cold does it get at the location where these plants are growing? Some plants require a change of season to set flower buds.
      > I cannot tell from the picture what variety of plant these are. Can you tell us that?
      > Tom Schuetz
      > schuetz101@...
      > Mechanicsburg, PA USDA Zone 6a
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      > From: Carlos A. Fernandez
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      > Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 3:26 PM
      > Subject: [AZ] This instead of flowers [1 Attachment]
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      > Hi everyone
      > I will appreciate your help on this. The picture attached shows what should be a flower bud, but it´s not. The plant is on ground, in a group of three. They receive morning sun, the soil is a mix of turba and pine needles. The plant settled at the center do bloom every year, but both at the sides don´t. Any clue?
      > Regards, Carlos
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