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15040RE: [AZ] Rhododendron prunifolium 'C. D. Coleman'

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  • Earl Sommerville
    Aug 1, 2010
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      The plant that I have came from Mr. Coleman back in the sixties, I made the statement that the cover of the ARS Journal had my photo of the S.D.Coleman on it; that should have been ASA Journal.

      In all of the years that have pass I never have came across David Leach plant of S.D.Coleman, It could be in his Garden up in Ohio.




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      Jamie told me that Mr. Koone was the source for their SD Coleman. Is that the same plant as Earl's? I think there was some discussion on this group a while back that it may not be, but Earl would know.
      Jim Willhite
      Berwyn, PA

      On Friday, July 30, 2010, at 10:29 PM, William C. Miller III wrote:


      Bottom line:  I interpret your response to say that the image that I provided.... is NOT 'S. D. Coleman'.  This is the clarification that I'm looking for.

      The only image that I could find was at the Meadowbrook Nursery Web site:

      To me, the Meadowbrook image and the image that you posted look the same ....and they are much redder than the image I posted.


      Harold Greer wrote:


      Earl, please clarify.  If they were both rooted from the same mother plant, they would be the same cultivar.  Isn’t that correct?


      Harold Greer




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      Bill & William,


      The photo below is not S.D.Coleman; The photo that was on the front cover of the ARS Journal some time back is my photo from the sister plant that I got from S.D. in the early seventy about the same time that Mr. Leach got his plant they were rooted from the same mother plant. The ASA has my photo listed as Mr. Leach photo.


      Earl Sommerville







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      [Attachment(s) from William C. Miller III included below]

      Does anybody have the Leach introduction Rhododendron prunifolium 'S. D. Coleman'?  The images that I've seen are on the vibrant red side.

      The attached image is of a plant that was obtained at a joint ARS/ASA meeting in Eugene, Oregon in 1987.  It's blooming now, but it does not appear to be red enough.



      Jim Willhite
      West Chester, PA

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