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14104Re: [AZ] Deer Fence

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  • Jim Willhite
    Apr 3, 2010
      BAck at my old place, which was loaded w deer, I used fencing for my
      core collection, and protected the outliers w 2 dogs and archers. Here
      at my new place, there is less pressure and I am able to control them
      (but not completely eliminate their damage) using only Don Hyatt's
      famous deer spray, which I think he should patent and sell for
      $40/bottle, like those other gardens store elixirs.
      jim willhite
      west chester, pa

      On Friday, April 2, 2010, at 08:05 PM, Mark R. Wright wrote:

      > Here in rural N Florida it's truly a crap shoot and depends on where
      > the deer can find the most food. It's gotten to where it's nearly
      > impossible to have a vegetable garden especially peas or beans. It's
      > funny, when I was a kid growing up here and houses were far and few
      > between it was fairly rare to see deer. Now they're everywhere and a
      > danger to motorists especially at night. I raise Christmas trees and
      > they do thousands of dollars in damage each year when the bucks rub
      > their horns on the younger trees in the fall. I've found no solutions
      > on a large scale, but maybe someone who's trying to protect a small
      > area might use some of the alternatives to lead. I quite like the idea
      > when in season and needing to fill the freezer.
      > Happy Easter weekend to all,
      > Mark Wright
      > Temps in the mid 80's here in N Florida
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