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  • Mike Creel
    Nov 2, 2009
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      John, can you or any of the other knowledgeable people in this group  prescribe a foolproof procedure for testing self fertility that I could use next season on my Choice Cream?
      You would not believe the typical seed pod set on this plant, visible right now. The seeds could fill the entire seed exchange with some left over.  The plant grows in a fairly isolated position at the outer edge of the courtyard between my house and attached garage.  It never has a bad year.  The plant forms ball trusses from single buds, and the number of pots set seems to equal the flowers that open. 
      I grow a fair number of deciduous azaleas, more species than hybrids, but this Choice Cream plant beats everything in seed pod set year after year.  As a rule I observe much better seed pod set in my hybrids compared to pure species plants.
      If the Galle's Choice plant is still growing at Callaway, I believe it can be found.  A few years ago they found an Ilex laevigata from which I rooted several cuttings using November cuttings overwintered outdoors.
      Mike Creel, SC USDA Zone 8a
      Lexington County, South Carolina

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      It would be interesting to test if Fred Galle's Choice Cream is indeed self fertile because this would be rare for a plant with such simple parentage.

      Dick Jaynes of Kalmia fame did some studies in the 70's that showed selfing individual plants of deciduous azaleas species failed to take in most instances and in the few instances where they did very weak seedlings resulted.

      The article was published in 1976 and can be found on the web.

      He was attempting to discover if deciduous azaleas could be used as a bridge to developing yellow evergreen azaleas.

      My money would be it is not self fertile at least to any great degree but then again the only way to know for certain is to test it.

      I plan to self several 4ns in 2010.

      Thanks for following up on my inquiry.

      John Perkis
      Salem, NH

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      > I have grown Fred Galle's Choice Cream (austrinum X atlanticum, or the reverse) for years and it definitely seems to be self fertile. Growing isolated the plant every season is filled with good seed pods.  Since there have been NO responses regarding Galle's Choice, which is described in Galle's Azalea book, I assume that no one grows it and no nursery has continued it.  I will check with Hank Bruno at Calloway Gardens to determine if the original plant still grows in the gardens there.
      >  Mike Creel, SC USDA Zone 8a
      > Lexington County, South Carolina
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      > Subject: [AZ] 'Galle's Choice'
      > Does anyone on this forum grow 'Galle's Choice'?
      > There is a very good chance this is a cross of caledulaceum X colemanii.
      > John Perkins
      > Salem, NH

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