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13247One azalea in the right place

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  • Mike Creel
    Sep 1 5:19 PM
    Today I try to group azaleas of the same species with similar colors, but early in my native azalea collecting days I just planted them as single specimens or in the groups that came in the mail order box, from a trip to a nursery or from a friend's house. My older native azalea beds prone to have a variety of colors with clashing colors and multiple seasons of show. I have moved some around to improve compositon.

    But my little Choice Cream azalea, a Fred Galle cross of austrinum and atlanticum (which today have both been proved to be tetraploids) is one azalea that I accidentally put in the right place. It stays short and bushy and adds something unique to the walk to our back door through the breezeway between our kitchen and garage.

    Mike Creel, Lexington, SC
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