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  • Mark Wright
    Aug 1 1:30 PM

      Hello all.

      I think I’ve made a post in the past in regards to the Hirados. Many years ago I obtained cuttings from the remaining Hirados at the National Arboretum with kind help from Barbara Bulloch. There were less than 10 cultivars of the group that was given the Arboretum by Japan . Most of the cuttings rooted and I ended up with about forty plants from 9 cultivars. Now this was about 10 yrs ago that I potted them into 1 gallons and I am ashamed to admit, that only today have I managed to up pot them into 3’s. Just recently I have gotten enough space in my yard to house the hundreds of plants I have. All of these cultivars are much like the Southern Indicas , but some have interesting shades and shapes of the flowers. Shiro Kujaku is one I’ve seen Nuccio’s carry and I’m thinking Harold may have (had) this one? It’s a wonderful white, somewhat star shaped. Shinsho is a medium pink with flowers as large as 4 ½ inches.

      Aside from this rambling I wondered if anyone has had any experience with any of these. Galle ’s book lists several hundred cultivars. I’m sure they would not be very hardy and probably only suited for the lower Southern states and the milder areas of the West. An interesting group of plants which I’ve very seldom heard talk of. The ones I have are listed below.







      Heiwa no Hikare







      Shiro Kujaku



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