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12173Re: [AZ] occidentale crosses

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  • sjperk5
    Mar 1, 2009
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      We attempted to send you and Bruce a good represention of the deciduous
      azalea seed we produced this year because both of you have shown
      interest in growing deciduous azaleas from seed and live in climates
      different from ours.

      I am very interested to see what those 2n X 4n produce. Are the
      seedlings viable? Are the resulting plants fertile? What do they look
      like in flower? etc.

      Right now I consider deciduous azaleas to be my primary focus as far as
      Rhododendrons are concerned. I enjoy being single minded.

      We found another patch of R. viscosum in Salem, NH yesterday. We think
      we know the location for yet another.

      John Perkins
      Salem, NH
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