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10870RE: [AZ] Knap Hill history--Whitethroat

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  • Harold Greer
    Jul 1 10:32 PM
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      I have grown White Throat for years.  It does not have bronze foliage.  I doubt Cecile descended from Whitethroat.


      Harold Greer


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      More about the KH article by G. Donald Waterer. I was interested to see
      that he may have provided an answer to a Q I posed a few days ago to this
      group; ie, what is the source of the lovely bronze foliage we see on
      Cannon's Double, which is Corneille x Cecile? Waterer describes the Knap
      Hill plant "Whitethroat" which dates from the 1920s and was used after WWII
      as seed parent to produce a group of fragrant, double flowered plants
      distinguished by "copper tinted foliage which was at its best in full light"
      and which turns bright red in autumn, as does that of Cannon's Double. I
      wonder if Cecile, the Exbury, is descended from Whitethroat? Anybody
      growing Whitethroat?

      > Thanks to Bruce Clyburn, who made the Knap Hill history article available,
      > and to Tom Scheutz, who shared a paper copy with me yesterday at our
      > Forge Chapter annual picnic.
      > I read the article on the train on the way to work this morning. This was
      > great article, lots of history, and a comprehensive list of Knap Hills at
      > the end. I knew the history of the group went way back, but I don't think
      > appreciated just how far back it goes (1820s). The long history of the
      > strain adds one more compelling reason to grow more Knap Hills.
      > Is there any comprehensive collection of KH's in the
      w:st="on">US or Canada ? And,
      > sorry to be commercial, but are there any nurseries on this side of the
      > distributing a good number of them?
      > Jim Willhite
      > West Chester ,

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