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Stuff and Stuffing! Happy Holidays from the East Village Inky

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  • Ayun Halliday
    Dearies, Please forgive the zinely equivalent of radio silence that you ve endured lately. It s been a season of transformation, but now that East Village Inky
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2012

      Please forgive the zinely equivalent of radio silence that you've endured lately. It's been a season of transformation, but now that East Village Inky #51 is en route to the printer, it's time to spill some beans (that those of you who are cozy with me on F-book have no doubt already tasted )

      If your subscription is current and you like to be surprised, skip ahead to the line of asterisks. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead. (Nothing pregnancy related)

      1. The East Village Inky is now entirely comics format! Same size, same tangents and run on sentences you've come to recognize as a hallmark of East Village Inky quality�in a totally hot ayuss new visual format. Took me a while to settle in, but it's juiced me up to the point where I feel like I've got another 49 issues in me.

      2. I'm homeschooling Milo. That's what issue 51 is about. Not in that oh-she-thinks-she's-so-much-more-competent-and-caring-than-every-other-mother-on-the-planet way. That way seems to be the extremely rare exception in my experience. The mental state is about the same as it was around issue 3. (Mine, not Milo's. He didn't really appear until issue 8. He may have been a spoiler in issue 7�)

      ******************* no more danger of spoilage from here on out *******************

      What with it being Hannukwanzmaskuh and all, I'm keeping with tradition and hoping you'll renew your subscription, buy some for all the dear ones on your list, and order some back issues off of etsy to top off any stockings Santa didn't fill adequately. I thank you, Bitchmother thanks you, the Little Matchgirl thanks you�THE ENTIRE STAFF OF THE EAST VILLAGE INKY THANKS YOU!!!

      In other news, the only other news you'll get out of me today, because I'm supposed to be studying Spanish for the first time in weeks�is my new book, Peanut, is spectacularly timed to come out on December 26, but I must've been good at some point this year, because I just got a box of 20 or so.

      Paypal $20 to ayun@... and you'll get an autographed copy in a couple of days time, suitable for gift giving or keeping in your own Grinch like grasp. They're going fast, and although I hope to lay in reinforcements, I can't guarantee that they will arrive as quickly as these peanuts from heaven.

      Please mark that paypal as a 'gift' using the Personal tab, so neither of us get socked with a fee.

      Who will like Peanut, you ask? Anyone who likes graphic novels, anyone who remembers high school, or is in high school, or is facing high school. Anyone who's ever faked a peanut allergy. Does that actually happen ever?

      I'll be back in touch with news of any Peanut flavored events in the New Year (like the Gilda Radner themed middle school pajama party for those of legal drinking age, January 23 at Videology), but til then, your missions are

      To do an end run around the publication date by buying direct from the authoress (Paul Hoppe did the illustrations)


      To put in a good word with your local indie bookseller. When it's actually available, it'll be available everywhere, but we're aiming at the kind of available that's actually on the shelves, where people who would like to keep independent bookstores in the pink can make an on-the-spot purchase.

      All righty. Necessito estudiar l'Espagnol. Right?

      Oh hells bells, I almost forgot. I got me a Twitter, and sometimes I even remember to use it. @AyunHalliday

      Peace in the New Year, Dare to be Heinie, and JOY!

      Ayun Halliday, Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky

      Dare to Be Heinie! Read the East Village Inky!

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