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Memorial Day Holler from the East Village Inky!

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  • Ayun Halliday
    Just barely qualifying for the May release date scrawled on the cover, we bring you The East Village Inky #47 This one s got pentimento written all over it!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2011
      Just barely qualifying for the May release date scrawled on the cover,
      we bring you

      The East Village Inky #47

      This one's got pentimento written all over it!

      (Why? Possibly because someone got greedy, thinking she'd save a buck
      with an unfamiliar brand of pens - one dollah cheapah than the old

      Is your subscription in order?
      Renew for ten bucks!
      Or make a friend's day by laying a gift subscription on em.
      The ghost of Ex-Circulation Manager would be much obliged

      Missed one? Browse the back issue store:
      (also a good spot to snag autographed copies of the Zinester's Guide
      to NYC...and you're going to want to come to NYC this summer, for
      reasons that will be revealed on the back cover of issue 47)


      In other news, I've got a few copies of Libraries I Have Known, an 8-
      page zine I created as part of a zine themed New York Public Library
      Crafternoon. Want one? Send one hot dollar to:

      Ayun Halliday
      PO Box 22754
      Brooklyn NY 11202


      I'll be leaving for Beam Camp on June 25, so let's get our dirty
      business taken care of before then. After which, I'll be achieving
      greater intimacy with my friends at the Strafford New Hampshire post
      office via limited supplies of the current ish and the ZG2NYC.
      Ooh, say...if you can't bear to throw away your (clean) single or
      holey patterned socks, send em to

      Ayun Halliday
      Beam Camp
      55 Boy Scout Rd
      Strafford NH 03884

      Ditto any no-longer-needed youth-oriented literature (think 3rd grade
      through teen, no explicit sex or graphic depictions of maniacs roaming
      the woods with axes please)

      Any donations of good coffee and other edible treats forbidden to
      campers but totally cricket for staff will result in a handwritten


      Oh, and if you're looking for a kick ayuss summer project (in addition
      to sending me coffee, used books, and old socks) may I recommend
      signing up for the Art House Co Op's Sketchbook Project 2012? You'll
      have a lot of fun, and wind up in a permanent collection at the
      Brooklyn Art Library. Here's my contribution to 2011's project:


      Have a beautiful summer.
      Dare to be Heinie!

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist, The East Village Inky

      The Zinester's Guide to NYC - available now
      from the author of No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned
      Too Late

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