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now! Tigers! Portland! Inky!

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    After the longest gestation in all Inky history (flesh and blood model excepting), I am pleased to announce that the new issue of The East Village Inky, #43 is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2010
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      After the longest gestation in all Inky history (flesh and blood model
      excepting), I am pleased to announce that the new issue of The East
      Village Inky, #43 is at the printer! The only reason it isn't being
      stapled up here at HQ is Jim, the manager, and only staff member
      capable of dealing with my erratic margins was stuck out on Long Island
      or New Jersey or wherever the hell he lives, and the rest of the gang
      took a page from the NYC Board of Ed's book and called it a snow day
      after a couple of hours on the job, not that my granny cart could've
      handled those drifts anyway. Now we must all wait til Monday. Possibly


      But once the cloning process is out of the way, there's some major
      impetus to get this sucker stapled up and out, in that it adds a bit
      more justification for my fast approaching One-City World Tour! That's
      right, I booked a flight to Portland, Oregon to witness the alchemical
      miracle of the hot mess I've been lobbing at my friends at Microcosm
      Publishing's way into The Zinester's Guide to NYC, a low budget,
      participatory guidebook for creative types and those stuck traveling
      with them, scheduled for a November 2010 release. (That's why this Inky
      is so tardy, in case you haven't guessed) To celebrate, and shore up
      the idea that this is indeed a business trip worthy of a Schedule C,
      I'll be swinging by small but mighty Reading Frenzy, a major resource
      for zinely love, and long-time supporter of The East Village Inky. I'll
      read aloud (IÕm taking requests now), sign whatever you put in front of
      me, distribute complimentary heinie tattoos, answer your questions
      about NYC, and squeeze you for your favorite Portland recs. As always,
      should you have the misfortune to be living elsewhere a week from
      today, I'd be much obliged if you'd send your area kin and kindred in
      your stead

      Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
      Ayun's One-City World Tour!
      Reading Frenzy
      921 SW Oak St.
      Portland, OR

      (If you'll be coming to Portland, and are itching to buy a certain book
      or back ish, give a holler by Tuesday, and I"ll make sure to throw some
      reserves in the ol' steamer trunk.


      Speaking of your coordinates, please join us in saluting East Village
      Inky subscriber Rachel, who even though she could not recall which last
      name subscription is under, remembered to notify the ghost of
      Ex-Circulation Manager Jambo when she moved from scenic Italy to sunny
      Tucson, Arizona, thus saving the operation 44cents and a bit of hassle!


      Furthermore, if you have, through no fault of your own, let your
      subscription lapse, now would be the perfect time to renew it online.
      And just to juice up the numbers, from now until 12:01am on March 1 you
      can use this link to bring your non-subscribing friends into the fold.
      Just type the code "Savage Conversion" in that little box where you can
      write a note to the vendor...don't forget to include any personal
      messages you'd like me to lay on the lucky recipients. Such as Happy
      Year of the Tiger.


      Happy Year of the Tiger!

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist, The East Village Inky
      Dare To Be Heinie!
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