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insomniac ravings from an exhausted mind...but 1/3 of its for a worthy cause!

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    3 little things now that Inky s papier mache ham costume is drying in the basement of Rocketship (Daddy, you be Boo Radley!) and the Headless Horseman s on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2009
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      3 little things now that Inky's papier mache ham costume is drying in
      the basement of Rocketship (Daddy, you be Boo Radley!) and the Headless
      Horseman's on deck to wear the coat his great-great-grandfather used to
      wear to the bank.

      From now through Halloween, I'm donating 30 percent of my sales to
      Wheels for Henry, to help raise enough lettuce for Henry, his zine
      warrior mama Chloe, proprietress of Portland Oregon's small but mighty
      Reading Frenzy, and Henry's wheelchair to get a converted van that'll
      take 'em where they need to go! Go! GO!


      I'm donating 30 percent of my book sales too. Those aren't on etsy, but
      you can read more about 'em on my website.
      If anything catches your fancy, you can shoot $15 per title to
      ayun@... on Paypal, I'll make sure Henry gets his dough
      and you get your autographed book.

      Complimentary Heinie Tattoo for all who pitch in to get that van! Maybe
      I'll even turn one into a sticker for Henry's bumper. (If you're can
      read this you're uncomfortably close to my heiner...put it in park,

      If you're so over my work, you could scream, check out the Wheels for
      Henry blog anyway, as there are many, many vendors, all far craftier
      than I, tithing a portion of their proceeds to the cause. Get your
      kwanzaa shopping out of the way before the fat man throws the dreidel
      down your chimney! What? I need to go to bed.

      (and don't be shy about passing that link on, y'hear? Let's get this
      little man a van before the frost is on the pumpkin!)

      You know you've got one somewhere. Drag it out, rub it on your iPod and
      lose yourself in the Cassette From My Ex anthology, edited by Found
      Magazine's Jason Bitner. I've got a piece in there somewhere. It just
      came out today, which is why there's a party at Housing Works on Crosby
      St tomorrow night. Unfortunately I can't go because I was long ago hog
      tied to volunteer for parent teacher conferences at the girl's
      school... you go for me. And pick up a copy of the book b/c it's The
      Awesome. It even has photos of all the cassettes.

      Speaking of exes, I've got a piece in the just published Not My Small
      Diary #15, the brush with celebrity ish! Inky's got a piece in there
      too. Her celebrity is John Wilkes Booth. The girl's a pop culture
      fiend, I swear. As always there are tons of comics from a host of
      worthy contributors, including the mighty mighty Carrie McNinch, whose
      You Don't Get There From Here Inky reviewed in East Village Inky #41.
      You can see the covers here:
      you can order a copy by paypalling $7 to editor Delaine Derry Green at

      There! That should keep us all in vans, music, reading material and
      mail from here til Thanksgiving.

      Which reminds me...

      Happy Halloween!

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist
      The East Village Inky

      Dare To Be Heinie!
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