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I Sing My Inky Electric

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  • Ayun Halliday
    Hollah to my East Village Inky peoples! Summer s here! Can you feel it? You bet I can. It s stinging me right in my Mermaid tail, a not so gentle reminder that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2009
      Hollah to my East Village Inky peoples!

      Summer's here! Can you feel it? You bet I can. It's stinging me right in my Mermaid tail, a not so gentle reminder that I need to find some sublettors and clean the apartment prior to their arrival.

      This makes me very eager to start throwing ballast overboard. My jam-packed calendar (thanks, children!) prevents me from staging an actual stoop sale, so I'm having a virtual stoop sale, starting with East Village Inky subscriptions). Renew for yourself, subscribe for the first time, lay multiple subscriptions on unsuspecting friends, thank that that end of the year teacher by showing her your true stripes…whatever! From now until Inky's 12th birthday (July 3 for those of you keeping track at home) all new subscriptions cost the same as a renewal subscription ($10) AND whoever takes advantage of this fab offer earns five Dan Santat-designed child-heinies to temporarily tattoo onto their flesh. (see the back jacket of Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo, guaranteed to continue giving pleasure long after that last little bootie tattoo has faded from your triceps. All you have to do is hit the "existing subscriber rate" option on my website (yes, even if you're a brand new subscriber) and type the code TATTOO YOU in the Special Notes. What a DEAL!
      or here's the direct link, though I've got to tell you, it's a little scammy-looking…

      I'm also pleased to announce that East Village Inky HQ is finally stocked with Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo and I knows how to sign `em. $15 gets you your very own copy, media mailed to the door of your choice, and enhanced with a little monkey illustration by the person who didn't illustrate the book (guess who)! Please specify whether you would like your monkey to have an anus or no. I usually play it safe with strangers in bookstores, but with you lot there's no telling!
      (yes, it comes with a heinie tattoo)

      We can also conduct these transactions via post by sending checks payable to Ayun Halliday (not EVI) to:
      East Village Inky
      PO Box 22754
      Brooklyn NY 11202

      Though, really, why go through the mails when we can meet in person?

      I've thrown in with Emily Jenkins, author of Sugar Would Not Eat Itand like a zillion other books, some of which appear to have been written by a mysterious entity named E Lockhart) for a last minute Father's Day children's event! Why wait in line for brunch, when you can grab a bagel and bring Daddy and Gramps for an 11am read aloud? Free Heinie tattoos for the kiddies. Mandatory Heinie tattoos for all big old hairy daddies (even those who already have one…) Bring a drawing of your fave animal's head and I (the non-illustrator) will bang out a heinie to match! Tell your friends cuz this sucker is so fresh, it's not even on the calendar!
      Sunday, June 21, 11am
      163 Court St
      Brooklyn, NY

      And, what's more, I'll be at the NYC Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Lyceum, June 27 and 28, and I expect to see you (and/or your proxy) there because this is the first zine fest our little village has thrown in some years and we need the public's support to get the word out and the crowds in! Also, I anticipate needing someone to run around the corner to Maria's for some rellenos midday. Applications are still being accepted (for the zine fest as well as the relleno fetching), so maybe you out-of-towners can justify the expense by starting a zine of your own and unleashing it on the world from our launch point here in beautiful Brooklyn, New York!

      Wait, though, let's not totally swear off the mails. The ENTIRE STAFF of the East Village Inky (minus Greg, Mungo and the ghost of late Circulation Manager Jambo) will be heading up to BEAM Camp (as featured in East Village Inky #40) in about a month, and I have taken it upon myself to make a camp library! Not to knock the sugar tit out of the Salvation Army's mouth, but if you've got books suitable for ages 7 to 17 that are gathering dust in your home, please consider donating them to the BEAMbrary, where they will be read and reread, possibly high up in a tree, by dozens, and eventually hundreds, nay, thousands of campers. Plus, you will be enabling me to play library for the first time in 35 years. We're going to freak these young whippersnappers iPods right out of their ears by rocking it old school with a non-computerized card catalogue, check out records in pasted-on back pockets, and a log book in which readers can hand write their reviews and recommendations! There's no tax write off for your generosity, but you bet I'll be chronicling the library in an upcoming East Village Inky…and Inky and her bunkmates are hard at work on a label that will identify donors on the inside covers!
      Donations can be sent via Media Mail (or any other kind, but you know how I aspire to get you to do things on the cheap) to:
      BEAM Camp
      Attention: Ayun Halliday, BEAMbrary donations
      55 Boy Scout Road
      Strafford, NH 03884
      And yes, you can totally spread the word to all your publisher / author / librarian / packrat friends! In addition to kids' and young adult titles, we welcome such items as craft and nature books, as long as there are no graphic descriptions or illustrations of like a clothespin doll giving oral satisfaction to a woodchuck. Get my drift?

      Oh, wait, that reminds me. Weren't you going to sublet my apartment? It comes with your very own temporary orange cat, lauded by last year's sublettor, East Village Inky reader Daniel Aukin, as a "delicious mammal". July 16 – September 1, with some wiggle room in either direction at the end (just like me!) 2 bedrooms, creaky wood floors, awesome neighbors, tons of books, and a shady stoop. My god, it's la Vie Boheme without the tuberculosis! Email Ayun (at) Ayun Halliday for more details and photos.

      Finally, thanks to all you extra-muscular guerilla marketeers who posted Amazon customer reviews, put the squeeze on your fave indie bookstore, or cozied up to my heinies on your blog. I love you extra, okay?

      Happy Father's Day, Daddy-o!

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist
      The East Village Inky
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