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Need You to Help Midwife the 10th Anniversary Issue of the East Village Inky!

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  • Ayun Halliday and Greg Kotis
    38 issues in, we find ourselves getting all nostalgic with it. The YA Graphic Novel s manuscript is in the can, the new kid s book is floating around in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2008
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      38 issues in, we find ourselves getting all nostalgic with it. The YA Graphic Novel's manuscript is in the can, the new kid's book is floating around in the ether, and it'll be a couple of weeks before we start the real rehearsing for The Truth About Santa, a refreshingly apocalyptic Christmas tale by Greg, starring me and the, gulp, kids. (If you like a hot mess, book tickets to come see us at the Kraine theater in NYC, Dec 4 - Dec 20 - though don't worry if you forget, because my forecast calls for prolonged periods of spam)

      All this to say we're perfectly positioned to haul heiner and get issue #39 out before the actual anniversary becomes but a distant memory! It's already, like 2/5 done! But I suddenly got me the idea that it might be an apt time to open the floor to readers, especially long long time readers, and not just because it's less work for my overtaxed brains. After ten years, there are bound to be questions -

      'Whatever happened to...?"
      "How did that turn out?"
      "Where are the best coconut buns in NYC?"
      "How do you get my husband's shirts so clean?"

      Now's the time to LAY EM ON US!!! Dig out your back issues, tell your East Village Inky-reading friends, and get crackin'! Imagine the thrill of opening the 10th Anniversary Issue of the zine and seeing your very own question addressed in ink and White Out! If that's not incentive enough, I JUST NOW DECIDED that every reader whose question makes it into the issue shall have a slightly imperfect reward to stick on their refrigerator!

      Remember, time is of the essence, because we want this turkey to be airborne before rehearsals and other holiday madness lay claim to us. (i don't know about you, but for me, the holidays begin Oct. 31) Plus, knowing how I tend to go off on a tangent and run out of room, the earliest submissions stand the best chance of being published (to covetous reward!) Starting Monday, I'll be on these questions like a duck on a Junebug. And in NYC, that is really something to see.

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist, The East Village Inky

      Dare to be Heinie!
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