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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    We re back from Alaska and have exploited our greatest natural resources for you in East Village Inky #36! It s all stapled and stuffed and waiting for me to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2007
      We're back from Alaska and have exploited our greatest natural
      resources for you in East Village Inky #36!
      It's all stapled and stuffed and waiting for me to through some flaming
      hoops to print your mailing labels out on a printer that actually,
      unlike my own, works.
      What I'm saying is, this'd be a grand time to tell me if you've moved,
      so I can update your as-yet-unprinted label while it's still invisible.
      Lay some gift subscriptions on your friends!
      Do some yogic eye exercises so you won't bleed tears when you try to
      focus on some of our tiniest asides ever!

      Did the mention of gift subscriptions finish what the day after
      Halloween started?
      Don't sweat it. The holidays are sweeter than an elf-flavored
      Marshmallow Peep when you get all your spending done at:
      BUST Magazine�s 2007 Holiday Craftacular
      Saturday, December 8, from 10 AM � 8 PM
      at the Metropolitan Pavilion
      125 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
      Inky will be holding down a table stocked with books, zines, t-shirts,
      gift subscription notices and who knows what. I will be sitting in a
      nearby folding chair, eating kielbasa, drinking beer, and wishing I
      could knit as good as the other vendors. If your lust for handmade
      gifts is at odds with your schedule and/or abilities, come on down and
      get you some the sane, non-crazy-making way!

      Looks like Powell's Books eyes was bigger than its stomach.
      They're having a run on Dirty Sugar Cookies!
      (They've also got em used and full price, so make sure you're on the
      half-price page)
      Get 'em while they're hot! Might make 'em hotter...

      Visiting NYC over the holidays?
      Of course you are! You've just booked your flight to the Craftacular.
      That's why we're dusting off The East Village Inky' Offbeat Online
      Guide to NYC.
      Webmaster Dave's in a vegan candy-corn-induced coma, I mean, a
      guidebook-updating-frenzy, trying to get this turkey live by
      Thanksgiving. I'll give a gentle yawp when the updates have been
      posted, but please do stay tuned...

      Speaking of New York, Broadway is dead!
      Off-Off-Broadway, however, will be pumping with new theatrical life
      when Inky, and possibly Milo make their father-penned debut in Bad
      Christmas, a 10-minute play Greg has written for the Monday Night
      Little Theater at Dixon Place series, curated by Jeffrey Jones.
      You know what else?
      I'm in it too.
      I better start learning my lines, like it isn't some casual thing
      where it's okay to forget your lines, and mill around stage with a
      script in your hand because you never knew em to begin with, and...
      say, about Milo, the thing is, mock-violence tends to over stimulate
      him in such a way that he goes off-script in order to punch people in
      the balls. So Milo may be played by a stunt Milo, or he may be replaced
      midway through the performance by a stunt Milo waiting in the wings, or
      it may be Inky's big chance to say his lines as well as hers while the
      playwright gives him a Time Out on the Bowery!
      In any event, mark your calendar for this train wreck and don't forget
      to get a babysitter because this sort of filth is NOT for children,
      especially the ones who aren't accustomed to the disturbing mental
      acrobatics of Greg Kotis.
      Monday, November 26
      8 pm - 9:30
      Little Theater at Dixon Place ... now with upholstered seating!
      258 Bowery, 2nd floor

      Finally, anybody got some good Austin Texas recommendations to lay on
      me before Friday? My friend Karen (you know, the one who gets the kids
      if Greg and I go down in a plane together) are putting ourselves on
      some post-R&R R&R next week. I think I'll need it even more by the time
      this printer hell is resolved.

      Ayun Halliday
      Chieftan of Primatology
      The East Village Inky

      Dare To Be Heinie!

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