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At last! An end to summer's tyranny!

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    Finally, I ve got enough time away from the kids to write something other than a couple of inappropriate To Pack lists. (If you re wondering whether to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2007
      Finally, I've got enough time away from the kids to write something
      other than a couple of inappropriate To Pack lists. (If you're
      wondering whether to take your high heeled sandals to Juneau Alaska
      next summer, don't.)

      The kids get out of school in 20 minutes, so I'll keep this shortish
      and sweetly.

      Thanks to all the healthy eaters and amateur chefs who emailed to ask
      if I was deador something. The food blog languished all summer long,
      but it's back from the grave with a seasonably inappropriate recipe and
      a photo of yours truly sporting a piece of pie sewed over her
      coochinanny. Stay tuned for an interview with The Amateur Gourmet, more
      recipes, and a scathing, first hand indictment of an internet diet meal
      service in the weeks to come!

      I'll be peddling my usual snake oil at the Brooklyn Book Festival this
      Sunday, September 16, 10am - 6pm. Tons of East Village Inky back
      issues, as well as the current ish, a handful of kid's t-shirts, and
      all four books. Don't be shy! Mama needs her new friends to fetch her
      some ice tea because the St. Bernard doesn't clock in until ski season,
      and I really shouldn't be seen drinking whiskey in public before 6pm,
      especially from a cask tied to a dog.

      I'll also be moderating a North Stage noon-time panel on the challenges
      and joys of 21st Century parenting.
      Hmm, well one of the many challenges for me as a parent was finding
      someone to watch my kids so I could peddle books and the zines in the
      hot sun all day without someone whining under the table. Thanks to
      Mary, Anna, and Mrs. Lindsay-Abaire! Where's Greg? Still in Juneau
      Alaska, the lucky ducky dirty ratty.

      Other than the above challenge, what should I talk about? Presumably
      I'll have something intelligent to ask of my distinguished guests, Neal
      Pollack and Amy Sohn, neither of whom I'll have met before we're
      slapped up on a platform together with uncertain microphones and an
      open air environment. Help me out here! If you've got a question about
      the challenges of 21st century parenting, the rise of the motherhood
      memoir, or the many pissed off female writers who cried foul when that
      Neal's book, Alternadad, got the attention they'd busted their humps
      trying to get for their own babies, lay it on me! If you have
      moderating experience, I'd be very eager to learn what works and what
      doesn't before I embarrass myself and others in full view of the
      literary royalty of the Borough of Kings.


      Those of you who can't make it to the Book Festival can console
      yourself with the brutal reality that my publisher seems to have
      remaindered my last book, Dirty Sugar Cookies: Culinary Observations,
      Questionable Taste. Rather than paying full price, snag yourself a
      super-discounted copy or five on Amazon. Oh, damn, it just occurred to
      me that I could have ordered the copies I'll be selling at the book
      festival from Amazon! It would've been cheaper than the author's 50
      percent of cover rate. Forgive me while I further think out loud, but I
      just tried to scrounge up the link for your convenience and thar she
      blew, at the regular price. But a little digging unearthed another page
      in their bargain book section. I feel like Sybil! See, this is why I
      should read up on the book industry. I don't know how it works.
      Probably the first rule is that an author's never supposed to blab
      about a humiliating price slash, but what can I say? I live to pass the
      savings on to you:


      Finally, the entire staff of the East Village Inky would be most
      obliged if you'd give a heads up to all your friends, family, and
      multitudinous associates in Juneau, Alaska, that the long-awaited
      prequel to Urinetown, Greg's YEAST NATION: The Triumph of Life will be
      having its world premiere at Perseverance Theater in October. We're
      sending our theater critic! You send yours. It's a Grand Jamboree of


      There. That oughta hold you for awhile.


      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist
      The East Village Inky

      Dare to be Heinie!

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