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Cotton Candy!

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    Are you reading the new East Village Inky right now or are you one of those vagabonds whose address I wrote down wrong? (I blame your 3 s. They look like 8 s.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2006
      Are you reading the new East Village Inky right now or are you one of
      those vagabonds whose address I wrote down wrong? (I blame your 3's.
      They look like 8's.)
      Perhaps the miracle of procrastination has led you to the point where
      you have let your subscription lapse.
      Or perhaps the words East Village Inky ring no bells - you're no fan,
      merely an innocent Internet entrepreneur who once sought to enlarge my
      Hell, maybe you live in Japan, in which case, it's comin'.
      At any rate, the new East Village Inky, #32, is hot off the press, so
      if you ain't got none, best get you some, Pilgrim (or whatever you're
      being for Halloween. Our six-year-old Ninja just dissolved into a bowl
      of plasma b/c his cigarette girl sister started spinning "Big Jeff's
      Halloween Routine" which is hardly a subway poster for Saw III, it just
      seems that way after your 3rd cone of cotton candy. Don't ask.)

      In other news:

      For those who find themselves in Brooklyn this Tuesday, I'm throwing
      some Dirty Sugar Cookies around on behalf of <a
      href=http://www.dddb.net/walkathon/schedule/>Develop Don't Destroy
      Brooklyn </a>
      October 17, 2006 7:30 PM.
      Shakespeare's Sister
      270 Court St, between Butler & Douglas
      Brooklyn, NY
      (donation requested - it's for a good cause)
      My little song and dance will have absolutely nothing to do with
      walking, Brooklyn, or the much-reviled Atlantic Yards project looming
      over the neighborhood, so I can concentrate instead on white bread,
      Army Surplus, and horses. Hopefully, the other readers (Nava Renek,
      Martha Southgate, Odd Todd, and John B. Schwart ) will be more topical.

      Ever get the feeling you're wasting your fancy education, changing
      diapers and watching Lost? Honey, there's nothing wrong with you that a
      quick chat with the Director of the, Women's and Gender Studies Program
      at The College of Charleston can't fix! For real! Long time East
      Village Inky reader, Alison Piepmeier (PH-fuggin'-D!) would love to
      hear from you. She's writing an academic book on feminist zines and
      figures anybody who reads the East Village Inky (or desires to enlarge
      its sole employee's non-existent penis) would have something
      interesting to say on the matter! Give her a yawp, won't you?

      Of course, you might be a respected academic who yearns to recapture
      the frivolity and melodrama of the teenage years, in which case, have I
      got a myspace group for you!

      It's not really so much myspace as your space, a place for East Village
      Inky readers to swap the kids' outgrown clothes, pimp their own
      creative projects, hold vigils for Jambo, and - if time allows -
      slather the Chief Primatologist in honeyed words. You'll have to have a
      free myspace account to join in the mayhem, but that's easy enough for
      a monkey to figure out.

      (Exhibit A:

      Another thing I'd like to get cooking over there on yourspace
      is some quality information exchange with regards to books, movies, and
      music worthy of our time and attention, both before and after the feral
      young are tucked in for the evening. I'll get the ball rolling here by
      plugging East Village Inky subscriber Emily Jenkin's book, Love You
      When You Whine. Give it to your sweetheart or the little brown hen on
      the PTA, by all means, but really, it's intended for that most
      aggravating and beloved of all creatures, your child,(or a child - not
      the child kicking the back of your airplane seat, but any child who's
      got some serious rent control on your affections.)
      I should note that there are some lily-livered booksellers out there
      who refuse to stock the book because it's "too permissive" and
      "condones bad behavior". (If THAT doesn't move product with this crowd,
      nothing will! Insist that your indie bookseller order you up a batch,
      or reward an online seller who's got the huevos to remind Bitchmother
      to play nice.)

      Okay, the effects of the cotton candy can no longer be ignored.
      Hope you all have a pleasant week, fun setting up your myspace profile,
      and a penis adequate to your needs.

      Ayun Halliday
      Chief Primatologist, The East Village Inky
      Dare To Be Heinie!

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