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Dirty Sugar Cookies, Right Outa the Horse's Mouth!

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    You heard me. T aint long til you ll get that chance to get your taste, direct from the ol nag herself. I m dumping the young on Greg, who s dumping em on my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2006
      You heard me.

      T'aint long 'til you'll get that chance to get your taste, direct from
      the ol' nag herself. I'm dumping the young on Greg, who's dumping em on
      my ma (Residents of San Diego, prepare ye for some Pig Farm!) and then
      I'm taking to the friendly skies. Does anyone know if one can kick it
      old school, i.e. carry-on fashion, if one commits to brushing ones
      teeth w/ baking soda for close to a fortnight?

      Friday, September 15, 6pm
      Reading & Signing
      Voices & Visions, Books*Arts*Community
      the Bourse � 4th Street � Lower Level
      111 S. Independence Mall E. � B106
      Philadelphia, PA

      Tuesday, September 19, 7:30pm
      Reading & Signing
      Barnes & Noble (West Webster)
      1441 West Webster Avenue
      Chicago, IL

      Wednesday, September 20, 7pm
      Reading & Signing
      1854 W. North Ave.
      Chicago, IL

      Thursday, September 21, 7pm
      Reading & Signing
      Book Woman
      918 W. 12th St. (12th & Lamar)
      Austin, TX

      Sunday, September 24, 7:30 pm
      Reading & Signing
      Powell's City of Books
      1005 W Burnside
      Portland, OR

      Monday, September 25, 7:30pm
      Reading & Signing
      Black Oak Books
      1491 Shattuck Avenue
      Berkeley, CA

      Tuesday, September 26, 7:00pm
      Reading & Signing
      Borders Union Square
      400 Post Street
      San Francisco CA

      If you've got some hot tips for cheap chow, don't miss thrift stores
      and other trip-making locales, now's the time to lay 'em on me!

      In other news, it's the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Oh yes.YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

      Inky and Milo both "looped" up with their wonderful teachers and their
      entire herds from last year, though I think CoCo the Class Bear bit
      some hard Brooklyn dust. RIP, you trouble-making, filthy rag!

      Inky's teacher spent the summer in LegoLand, I mean Copenhagen, and
      she's thinking big. I wouldn't be surprised if she spurs em 'on to
      erect a brand new faculty lounge out of the stuff, but it's one of
      those takes-a-Village propositions. If you've got some extra Legos
      gathering dust in one of your many closets / basements / attics, won't
      you please send them to me? I don't have the space to keep them,
      (there's always a silver lining) but I will happily donate them to
      Inky's classroom with your compliments. What's in it for you, besides
      the good feeling of laying some cast-off, slightly gummy plastic bricks
      that you weren't using anymore on a cash-strapped Brooklyn public
      school? A year's free subscription to the East Village Inky that's
      what! Give it to a friend, renew your lapsed ayuss, or extend your
      shelf life by four issues...just scrawl it out on an index card or what
      have you and tuck it into your Lego largesse! If you feel your donation
      merits two subscriptions, who am I to disagree? Child's learning the
      skills that might someday pave the way to the portable dwelling of my
      dreams, perhaps on the roof of this very building!!! SEND LEGOS!!!

      Speaking of Legos, has anyone else seen the movie Together, directed by
      Lucas Moodysson? It has a great Lego scene that I'm dying to spoil here
      but won't.

      For those who wonder what gives with the food blog, I'm gearing back up
      for it, I swear. When I wasn't out of town and off line, I was
      nourishing myself largely, and I do mean largely, on beer and cotton
      candy. Delicious and flotation-device-making as this diet is, it hardly
      calls for recipes. But as fall's bounty begins to creep into the urban
      greenmarkets, I can't but be inspired to fill my cornucopia (with
      something other than Legos).

      East Village Inky #32's on the drawing table. Should be in your hands
      by the Harvest Moon.

      No, not 2 days from now! That there's your Corn Moon. Didn't you learn
      about nothing at that fancy university your daddies sent you to on a
      full football scholarship? Best buckle down and hit the Legos, pal.


      Ayun Halliday
      Board of Ed Shill / Chief of Primatology / Vice-President of Corporate
      The East Village Inky

      Dare to be Heinie!

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