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spill some champagne our my home cat

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    With just hours remaining in this old year, the entire staff of the East Village Inky would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very HAPPY
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2005
      With just hours remaining in this old year, the entire staff of the
      East Village Inky would like to take this opportunity to wish you and
      yours a very
      and if you think of it, won't you please pour some libations on your
      freshly mopped floor for our departed homey and circulation manager,
      Jambo, who would've hit the big 1 - 5 tonight, the old demon...

      in other news:
      Stupid? Lazy? Hell, you were smart to hold off on buying a calendar
      because long time East Village Inky reader, Coleen Murphy has once
      again pulled together her cut and paste mama's calendar, studded with
      recipes, resources and the reprinted chicken scratchings of yours
      truly. Get yourself organazized
      how to order:
      send $12 a piece plus $2 for mailing costs to
      coleen murphy
      PO box 741655
      new orleans, LA
      or via paypal to coleen at bust dot com
      calendar details are at

      and furthermore, for those in the new york city area, i've got a
      reading coming up next weekend and I'd be mighty delighted if you'd
      haul your heiner out to the nether regions of Red Hook to attend.
      What's in it for you? Key lime pie. Details follow below.

      Happy, joyous, peaceful, feliz from
      AyuN Halliday, Interim Circulation Mgr.

      Sunday, January 8
      Reading & Signing
      SUNDAYS AT SUNNY'S reading, cosponsored by Book Court
      253 Conover St. (between Beard and Reed Sts)
      Red Hook � Brooklyn, NY

      Don't let the sleet scare you away from the formerly desolate streets
      of Red Hook! You can bet that Marlon Brando wouldn't have let a little
      thing like wind chill keep him from a Sunday afternoon reading series,
      had they existed back when he was On The Waterfront. Yes, there's a
      three-dollar suggested donation, but you can make it back in free
      coffee, Italian pastry, hot cider and this just in: key lime pies!

      Hear the word of Job Hopper and then some, from novelist Peter Blauner
      and Richard Haw who's penned a cultural history of the best bridge in
      Brooklyn - you know the one.

      Don't think of it as the fringes of Brooklyn. It's the filet of the
      neighborhood. Follow these directions and you won't need to leave a
      trail of bread crumbs for the rats:

      By bus: �take the B61 toward Red Hook from Atlantic Ave. & Court St.
      (or from the A train midtrain exit at Jay Street Borough Hall). Get off
      near the end of the line at Van Brunt & Beard streets., walk 1 block
      right and 1/2 block left. Or take the B77 bus down 9th Street from Park
      Slope (or from the Smith and 9th Street F train stop � exit at the rear
      of the train and come down the stairs to street level and the corner
      bus stop.) Take the bus in the direction of Van Brunt Street and Red

      If you're driving: From Manhattan, take the Brooklyn Bridge and get off
      at the Court Street exit � then take a left on Cadman Plaza West, which
      will turn into Court St. Go about a mile, past Atlantic Avenue, and
      take a right on Sackett Street. Continue straight for five blocks,
      across the overpass over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and take a
      left on Van Brunt Street. Continue down almost to the end of Van Brunt
      (you'll see the waterfront up ahead) and take a right on Reed Street.
      Go one block and take a right on Conover Street � you'll see a big sign
      that says BAR. That's Sunny's.

      Dare To Be Heinie!

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