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East Village Inky #28 and then some

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  • Greg Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    Happy Heat Index, fellow broilers. Inky, Milo, Greg and I have returned from the Summer Palace and I m strapped back into my works. East Village Inky #28 is at
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2005
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      Happy Heat Index, fellow broilers.

      Inky, Milo, Greg and I have returned from the Summer Palace and I'm
      strapped back into my works.

      East Village Inky #28 is at the printers. It's only just dawned on me
      that subscribers whose subscription lapsed w/ #26 were sent a copy of
      #27 along with a renewal notice. Hope you enjoyed the freebie and we
      here at HQ are glad to see so many little lost lambs returning to the
      fold. The downside is that the good people whose subscription lapsed w/
      27 didn't receive jack except for their last issue - no renewal notice
      or nothing! so if you think your subscription might have terminated w/
      #27, renew! Or you can email me and I'll set Senior Intern Jambo to
      digging in the shoebox, i mean, the secret vaults to see if we can
      ferret out your last issue number. (if you resubscribe before your
      time, we'll just slap 4 issues atop your existing subscription.

      You can send 8 bucks cash or a check payable to Ayun Halliday to PO Box
      22754, Brooklyn NY 11202

      If you can endure a small surcharge you can resubscribe with a credit
      card here:

      (that's a good choice for those whose currency I don't accept, even
      when it's drawn on US Funds. My bank. I'd like to strangle its impsoing
      marble edifice. Plus it's too far away and such small portions.

      So, anyhoo, if I can get Little Mo Mo off her postpartum ayuss to
      assist in the stapling mines, those inkys are going to be flying off
      the dining room table by friday (and the kids bedroom will be bright
      blue) (and I'll have written another sentence or two on the new book.
      freakin millstone round my neck!)

      In other news, those of you whose summer reading list coincides with a
      serious lack of cash might enjoy the following proposition I banged out
      for Rhino Records website:

      And those of you wihose summer reading list is falling short of a
      traveling jones, should direct their attention to some of my favorite
      wanderlusty reads on Transitions Abroad:

      There's a new Mama Zine in town and they saw fit to air some long
      distance gum flapping I directed their way when my brain was running on
      very low bats, due to the end of school and a mermaid tail deadline
      (read all about it in the upcoming East Village Inky) Here's my
      interview, from whence you can commence pawing around this very worthy

      Finally, for those of you interested in making your own punk rock cat
      food, duct tape wallets and other wholesome, time consuming
      handicrafts, I refer you to this brand spanking new book by Kyle Bravo
      - Making Stuff & Doing Things
      I have a brief essay on how to rid yourself of lice, but it was written
      before we got lice for the second time and believe you me, I'd do it
      all differently now! Buy the book because it's inspirational and
      hilarious, not because you have lice.

      Alrightyt. Pippi longstocking's about to give way to a hard core
      samurai slice 'em up, Hail, Morpheus.

      xo Ayun Halliday

      Dare To Be Heinie!

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