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Both Coasts and Secret Squid

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  • Ayun Halliday and Greg Kotis
    Hello from the thousandth rainy NYC Saturday in a row! I m girding my loins to take Inky and Milo to that fish movie. Should you find yourself making a trip to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003
      Hello from the thousandth rainy NYC Saturday in a row! I'm girding my loins
      to take Inky and Milo to that fish movie. Should you find yourself making a
      trip to our inclement burg in the near future, check out The East Village
      Inky's newly updated online guidebook.

      Speaking of travel, it's not too late to hip us to cheapy-cheap eats and
      strange sites along Route 1 from San Francisco to LA. Feeling about as in
      the know as Tom Joad (I'm rereading The Grapes of Wrath and boy is it
      great!) I reluctantly booked us into a bunch of Motel 6s, figuring the
      heated pools will be sweet consolation for the missing funky Southeast Asian
      guesthouse vibe... but if you know of a strange little place to stay in the
      80 bucks a night vein, give a yawp. Let me save you some trouble: Big Sur's
      down to twin beds, next time I'll plan further ahead or let the kids stay in
      NYC with their boyfriends.

      Upcoming Appearances:
      Who said I was averse to the suburbs? I'll be reading from the Big Rumpus in
      the Bay Area (that's San Francisco Baby, ya fur trapper, not Hudson Bay!)
      on Sunday, June 29 at 11am at
      The Nurture Center's First Annual Baby Fair
      The Resource Place for Parents
      3399 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549
      Phone: 925-283-1346 Fax 925-283-1098

      Going to the LA Mamagathering July 11 -13? Better register soon -
      I'll be reading from No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too
      Late at the Friday night potluck, then Saturday at 11am, divulging my highly
      scientific approach to penning memoirs. This oughta be good.

      California Radio Fans! On June 2, I'll be a guest on Family Talk and you can
      call up to give me the business or bail me out when a real caller really
      gives me the real business, know what I mean? If your station doesn't air
      Family Talk, you can listen on the web, unless, like me you are a
      cavedweller still working to master such mysteries as the flint and steel
      Family Talk is a nationally syndicated radio talk and call-in show about
      parenting issues that airs Mon-Fri, 2-4pm, from the studios of Icicle
      Productions in San Francisco. The format is one of advice and ideas traded
      between Mike, guests and callers, focusing on open dialogue as a resource
      for families and parents.

      If your name is Diana S. stop reading here or you'll spoil a nice surprise
      that's in the mail.
      If you're a mite dainty when it comes to profanity, be forewarned.

      Can't say enough good things about Deviant Goods
      (http://www.deviantgoods.com) - an independent, low-tech enterprise which is
      spreading good cheer by hand knitting soft-on-the-pate Fuck Cancer caps for
      chemotherapy patients (chemo sux, $!@* Cancer, and other sentiments are also
      available.) Angela's also got devil bunny slippers and an ornery, violent
      pink squid hat that I'm saving my pennies for - if you find yourself
      purchasing one of the higher ticket Deviant Goods, mention that you're a
      member of The East Village Inky Peaceful Motherloving Army and I might just
      get some points toward my squid chapeau.

      and oo, one more thing guerilla marketeers: Starting to kick into publicity
      mode on my next book No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too
      Late. If you know of a travel column, travel-related radio show, or
      oft-visited travel website which might be open to the idea of self mocking
      autobiographical essays exposing the dark underbelly of the Lonely Planet
      backpacker on a shoestring lifestyle, give me a yawp!

      okay, I've got computer-generated fish to fry. Happy June!
      xo Ayun Halliday
      If you're a mother, if you have three thumbs, if you're uncircumcised, if
      you ever believed in Santa or the Easter bunny, if you DARE TO BE HEINIE
      Read Ayun's Book, THE BIG RUMPUS (Seal Press 2002)

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