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Radio Free MOMBO!

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  • Gregory A. Kotis & Ayun Halliday
    Hey there, readers of the East Village Inky and The Big Rumpus! Do you like to procrastinate? I know I do, that s why I m dooking around on the internet
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12 2:50 PM
      Hey there, readers of the East Village Inky and The Big Rumpus! Do you like
      to procrastinate? I know I do, that's why I'm dooking around on the internet
      instead of dealing with a health insurance nightmare that's far more tangled
      than any rat in Inky's byooooooootiful loooooooooong hair. Do you like to
      talk on the phone? To strangers? Good. Call the program director of your
      local public radio station and ask them politely if they'd air this show
      that my pal Nanci Olesen has busted her heiner putting together. If you're
      the persuasive type, you might just find yourself on the couch eating bon
      bons and nursing that little jabbermouth into silence for a full hour! I
      know it's good radio - though my small contribution is as lumpy as a
      beginning knitter's homemade Xmas sweater. I recorded my essay at home while
      milo nursed and snorted through a soon-to-be-diagnosed ear infection and the
      tech man who I'd only just met balanced his microphone on inky's dollhouse.
      Anyhoo, this is a nice favor you could do for a hardworking mother who's
      trying to bring a bit of levity (over the radio! free!) to the daily
      drudgery of her sisters. Gooba Gabba one of us, one of us. Info from nanci
      is provided below. Thanks!
      xo Ayun

      From: Nanci Olesen <nanci@...> http://www.mombo.org
      "A MOMbo New Year:
      Revelry and Reflection". This is a one hour radio special which is
      available to all public radio stations in the country, via the Public Radio
      International (PRI) satellite.

      The program is real maternal radio, complete with Ayun Halliday's son Milo
      snoring on her lap (audibly!) as she reads her essay about her Bad Art New
      Year's Eve Party. Arlie Hochschild (The Time Bind, The Second Shift) is
      interviewed, and there's a special report from the moms of some of the
      "FIRST" babies of the New Year. Also the band Triangle Park sings a song I
      love, WEAN.

      This kind of radio, the mom kind, doesn't get a whole lot of attention on
      public radio these days. I urge you to call your public radio station and
      let them know that they have an opportunity to air a holiday special from

      The "FEED" (satellite feed) is December 16 at 13:00ET. Any program director
      could contact PRI to find out more... and all the info is available from me
      directly to, or at www.mombo.org.
      CD's of the show are available directly from Nanci for $18.00 (and stations
      get them straight from her too)

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