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After a gestation longer than an elephant's: EAST VILLAGE INKY #55!

So, I took the new issue to the printer yesterday and he looked up in surprise. "We thought you'd quit doing it!" (Which is better than thinking I was dead,
Ayun Halliday
Apr 23

We gotcher Valentine right here: East Village Inky no. 54!

Happy Valentine's Day, me hearties. Or Happy Unhappy Valentine's Day, if you prefer. xxxx We know you crave seeing them pink envelopes amid the bills and sales
Ayun Halliday
Feb 14, 2014


Greetings, my zinely peoples. I write to you today not as the Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky, but rather, the Bride of Urinetown, mother of the
Ayun Halliday
Nov 16, 2013

East Village Inky No. 53! Give the People What They Want!

Dear Citizens of the Great Kingdom of Salt-Eating Yeasts, Whoops, that's how I start my correspondence with the 15 homeschooled teens whoI'm directing in one
Sep 24, 2013

East Village Inky 52! Brooklyn Zinefest! Brooklyn Brain Frame!

Hello, tulips. Just a little yawp to tell you what spring is heralding out here East Village Inky way: 1. Issue 52 drops tomorrow! How's your subscription?
Ayun Halliday
Apr 16, 2013

social media diet favor

Hey friends, I'm taking a month long break from facebook, twitter and all that jazz...and the only downside (other than wishing those late winter birthdays a
Ayun Halliday
Mar 4, 2013

Stuff and Stuffing! Happy Holidays from the East Village Inky

Dearies, Please forgive the zinely equivalent of radio silence that you've endured lately. It's been a season of transformation, but now that East Village Inky
Ayun Halliday
Dec 11, 2012

East Village Inky Golden Jubilee!

Fellow Sovereigns! That dame over in England is not the only one celebrating a jubilee. The East Village Inky is celebrating its 50th Issue. Will there be a
Ayun Halliday
Jun 13, 2012

Holly Jolly Brass Ring, ExCirculation Mgr Jambo's Potential Gift to

Oh, ho, the mistle…alREADY? Yes, hard on the heels of the first East Village Inky ReSubscription Roundup comes the light-filled annual stress bomb known
Dec 5, 2011

Memorial Day Holler from the East Village Inky!

Just barely qualifying for the May release date scrawled on the cover, we bring you The East Village Inky #47 This one's got pentimento written all over it!
Ayun Halliday
May 30, 2011

Cookies, Countries, and deep deep Crazy Ayunnie discounts!

Attention budget loving, handmade holiday pledge-type shoppers: Give an East Village Inky subscription to everyone on your holiday gift list (including
Ayun Halliday
Dec 8, 2010

Non-Denominational Brooklyn Cookie Swap / ZG2NYC Virtual Book Tour

Whoosh! That's the wind in my ever-graying hair. Is it the speed with which this year is rushing by? Yes, but also, I've got my head hanging out the window of
Ayun Halliday
Dec 1, 2010

Happy ZG2NYC Release Fete Eve!

What are you doing to celebrate Zinester's Guide to New York City Release Fete Mini Zine Fair Bushwick Book Club Concert Live Game Show Break Neck Recitation
Nov 10, 2010

An alternative to twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the next I

Make a movie! I want all filmmakers - you, Werner Herzog, and your obsessive,Playmobil animating, pre=teen neighbor - to whip something together for the
Ayun Halliday and Greg Kotis
Oct 25, 2010

She lives!

Hello my little Halloweenises. I thought I'd be early with that greeting since I'm running tardy on everything else. First off, the September issue of the East
Oct 12, 2010
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