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49810/19 R35 Ref Openings as of Thursday 9am

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  • Rex Wright
    Oct 17, 2013
      Hi Illustrious Refs,
         Hang in there, more than halfway through the season.
         This week's reminder is 3-quarter rule.  When you introduce yourself to coach and get their lineups, remind the coach that no one place all four quarters unless everyone plays three. (or said another way, no one sits out two quarters until everyone sits out one quarter--for large teams you may have a couple that miss two).  If mid-game, you notice a discrepancy, politely remind the coach (often it's just honest confusion) if someone is going out a second time before everyone has gone out once.  If the coach refuses, don't argue, just play on but keep the lineup cards and make the comment in the Arbiter, so the coach admin can re-train as needed (not your job).

      R35 Home field slots as of Thursday 9am:
      U8 at Stevens Creek:  5 slots, 1 still open
      • 1130 CR

      U10 at Kennedy:  24 slots, 6 still open:

      • 0900 1 CR, 1 AR
      • 1015 2 AR
      • 1130 1 CR, 1 AR

      U12B at Faria:  9 slots, 7 still open:

      • Noon:  2 AR
      • 1:30pm 2 AR
      • 3pm 1CR, 2 AR

      U12B at Regnart:  6 slots, 4 still open:

      • noon:  CR, 2 AR
      • 1:30pm CR

      U14G at Eaton:  3 slots, 1 still open:

      • 1:30pm AR

      And as always, if none of these work, pick a slot at a neighboring field.  The kids will be glad you did.  Thanks again for all your help!

      Rex Wright