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49510/5 Ref openings as of Thursday morning

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  • Rex Wright
    Oct 3, 2013
      Hi R35 Refs:
          This week's reminder:  Watch out for Goalkeeper safety.  Remind the players that if the keeper has any part of their "hand" (arm from shoulder down, even if just a finger) on the ball, it is considered in the keeper possession, and cannot be played by another.  In particular avoid high-speed collisions; be prepared and blow your whistle when you need to.

      We have a lot of home games this weekend, and with photo day moving all the teams around, I know it will be a little crazy.  For some of you who have been doing one, this might be the weekend we need a second one from you to get all the slots filled.

      Also remember INTERMEDIATE CLASS this Sunday; if you haven't signed up, there's still room to come.  See http://www.ayso2j.org/calendar on Oct 6 and Oct 13

      10/5 status as of Thursday am:
      U8 (Stevens Creek)  4 slots, 3 still open:
      • 930:  CR
      • 1030:  2 CR

      U10 (Kennedy) 24 slots, 12 still open:

      • 9am:  1CR, 3AR
      • 1015:  2CR, 2AR
      • 1130:  1CR, 3 AR

      U12B (Faria) 6 slots, 5 still open:

      • 1:30pm:  1CR, 2 AR
      • 3pm:  1CR, 1 AR

      U12B (Regnart)  6 slots, 4 still open:

      • 1:30pm: 1CR, 1AR
      • 3pm:  1CR, 1AR

      U14 (Eaton):  9 slots, 6 still open:

      • 10:30am:  2AR
      • noon:  1CR, 1 AR
      • 1:30pm:  1CR, 1 AR

      AWAY GAMES with R35: 

      U8 girls at CSP:  1 CR open at 11am

      U12 G at CSP:  2 AR open at 2pm

      And if you find a slot somewhere, fill it! The kids will be grateful.  Thanks again for all you do, and for giving your time.

      Rex Wright


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