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4929/21 Ref Slots still open as of Wed evening, Please help!

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  • Rex Wright
    Sep 18, 2013
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      Hi folks it should be a gorgeous Saturday (<20% chance of rain so no problem, and the clouds will keep it cool, high expected only around 80 or so!).  Please sign up, either on one of our R35 games, or at any area game that you can handle!  There are LOTS of HOME GAMES this week, and a few senior refs are traveling, so we really need you newer refs all to try to do one more than you might usually!

          Before I give the list I want to remind a few points as we are about a quarter into the season:
      1. Always arrive EARLY, at least 15 minutes please.  Saves lots of unnecessary worrying for everyone
      2. ARs, always stay even with the NEXT-to-LAST Defender, the Ball, or the Halfway line, whichever is nearest the goal line at any instant.  Makes your calls much easier!
      3. This SUNDAY 9/22, 7-9pm, the Area 2J team is putting together a joint Ref-Coach meeting at QUINLAN CENTER.   Feel free to come if you can, and join the good discussions (I realize it's a school night for you Youths, so we'll forgive you if you'd rather study).

      SLOTS OPEN As of Wed 7:30pm:

      U8 at Stevens Creek:  5 slots, 4 still  OPEN  (Kyle is there so beginners PLEASE come out and he will help)
      • 9:30  2CR
      • 10:30 2CR

      U10 at Kennedy:  24 slots, 9 still OPEN

      • 9am:  2CR, 1 AR
      • 10:15am:  1CR, 2 AR
      • 11:30am:  CR, 2 AR

      U12B at Faria:  9 slots, 2 still OPEN

      • Noon:  AR
      • 1:30pm:  AR

      U12G at Regnart:  9 slots, 4 still OPEN

      • Noon:  2 AR
      • 3pm:  2 AR

      U14G at Eaton:  3 slots, 1 still OPEN

      • 1:30pm:  1 AR

      R35 teams at other fields:

      U14B at Redwood Middle School:  6 slots, 3 still OPEN

      • 10:30am:  1 AR
      • noon:  2 AR

      And there are other slots at other 2J games at other U8 and U10 fields, so find one and help the kids have SAFE, FAIR, and FUN soccer.

      Thanks again,

      Rex Wright

      Region 35 Referee Administrator  RRA@...