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491Lots of 9/14/2013 Referee Slots still open as of Midnight Friday morning 9/13

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  • Rex Wright
    Sep 13, 2013
      Hi Region 35 referees!
          Thanks for a good turnout last week.  It looks like we only had a couple of club linesman, but we did have a few folks who had to do lots of games on a hot day.  Let's all do a couple and then no one has to do five, okay?

          There are lots of openings left.  On R35 fields or any of the neighbors, if that's more convenient.  R35 games:

      U8 (Stevens Creek)  4 slots, all STILL open (Kyle will be there, so great opportunity for NEW REFS!)
      • 0930:  2 CR
      • 1030:  2 CR

      U10 (Kennedy):  24 slots, 5 still open (Rex will be there, so great opportunity for NEW REFS)

      • 0900:  1 AR
      • 1015:  2CR, 1 AR
      • 1130:  1CR

      U12G (Regnart):  6 slots, 2 still open

      • noon:  2AR
      • 1:30:  full (thanks!)

      U12B (Faria):  3 slots, 1 still open

      • noon:  1 AR

      U14G at Eaton Elementary, 10:30 am  all 3 slots still open

      U14B at Eaton Elementary, noon and 1:30 games

      • noon:  2 AR
      • 1:30:  1CR, 1 AR

      R35 teams at other sites:

      U8G (CSP) Full

      U12B at Manzanita Park:  2 games

      • 11am:  2 AR
      • 12:30: 1 AR
      And if none of those work, pick another site and sign up!  We need your help.  We aren't able to call you each individually but we do need your help to give the kids SAFE, FAIR, and FUN soccer!


      Rex Wright