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479R35 Referees: We need you this weekend 4/27.

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  • Ganesh Balgi
    Apr 26, 2013
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      Dear R35 Referees,

      Tomorrow is a tough day for referee coverage of R35 games for multiples reasons explained by Rex. In Rex's absence I am making a special appeal. 

      We are happy to see that since Rex's email on Wed, many of you have signed up to bring down the open slot count down from 18 to 8. 

      We ALL need to pull up our socks to fill up the remaining 8 slots. For those of you who are yet to referee a single R35 game this season (at least 30 of you based on Arbiter records), this is a great chance to make yourself count. Please help our kids have their games.

      For others, please see if you can add one more game to your count this season.

      For any of you having difficulties with signing up on Arbiter, please let Rex, Kyle and me know.


      U8 games at Stevens Creek:  7 slots, 3 open
      • 10am:  1 CR
      • Noon:  2 CRs
      U10 games at Kennedy:  18 slots, 3 open
      • 10:15am:  1 AR
      • 11:30am:  1 AR
      • 12:45pm:  1 AR
      U12 games at Regnart:  9 slots, 2 open
      • Noon:  1 AR
      • 1:30pm:  CR, AR

      Ganesh Balgi
      Regional Commissioner
      AYSO 2/J/35 Cupertino CA
      Mobile: 408.219.1672

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      From: Rex Wright <rex.wright@...>
       I know it's picture day and all that chaos, but please try to help out.  Unfortunately I'm out of town on Saturday 4/27 (sadness), so I really need your help again to be sure every game has a ref.  We really appreciate all you do.  When those fill up, there are tournaments too (see below).  Here are the slots as of Wednesday afternoon:

      U8 games at Stevens Creek:  7 slots, 3 open
      • 10am:  CR
      • Noon:  2 CRs
      U10 games at Kennedy:  18 slots, 10 open
      • 10:15am:  2 AR
      • 11:30am:  2 AR
      • 12:45pm:  2 AR
      • 2pm:  2 AR
      • 3:15pm:  1CR, 1 AR
      U12 games at Regnart:  9 slots, 5 open
      • Noon:  2 AR
      • 1:30pm:  CR, AR
      • 3pm:  CR
      Also, some of our R35 teams are going to tournaments, and Vinod Anupam (one of the U10 PCSSL coaches) would like some ref help if any of you really want to spend the day or weekend getting lots of practice:
      First, there is the El Palo Alto Tournament this weekend (Sat 27/Sun 28) in Palo Alto.
      El Palo Alto Referee Volunteers can sign up for slots via this link:
      And for future planning, the Concord Cup is on May 18-19 in Concord.  It's a long drive, but a well-run tournament, especially if there's a group going up together.
      Concord Cup referee info is available on
      Thanks again for all you do.
      Rex Wright