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477Lots of Referee slots open for Sat 4/20. Please help out

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  • Rex Wright
    Apr 18, 2013
      Hi R35 Referees,
          Still lots of opportunities to referee this Saturday.  I'm out of town myself on Saturday, so I really need your help.

      U8  Stevens Creek:  All full ! (thanks).  (I'm sure there are other U8 slots in West SJ and Palo Alto, or better yet, do a U10 below!)

      U10 Kennedy Middle (Track) 15 slots, 10 still open:
      • 11:30  CR + 1 AR
      • 12:45  CR + 2 AR
      • 2pm  CR + 2 AR
      • 3:15  CR + 1 AR

      U12 Regnart  All 6 slots open:

      • Noon CR + 2 AR
      • 1:30  CR + 2 AR

      R64 is also asking for help for the two R35/R64 games at Miller Middle School:

      U14 Miller:  3 slots for R35

      • 1:15pm  2 AR
      • 2:40pm  CR
      • There's also all 3 slots open at 10:25 and 11:50, and an AR at 4:05

      Thanks again for all your help, and please be sure to bring lots of water (and consider extra water breaks for the kids) since it's supposed to turn HOT this weekend (upper 80s).

      Rex Wright
      R35 Referee Administrator